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Anyone got good reads for IM related things? I've just been trawling Google and some of the reports the guys have posted in the War room but just wondering if there's a set of books/things people read.
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      Our field doens't have a lot of good books directly related and they are all pretty service level.

      One book off hand was a big member of the warrior forum called: 'Anyone Can Coach' by Sean Mize.

      You'll learn more from that book than I think most.

      It's a compilation of his thousand dollar coaching programs in a book. You'll
      learn a lot from it.

      I also loved 'How To STart Your Own Information Marketing Business.' It's really inspiring.

      And of course 'The 4-Hour Work Week'

      I would say the first 2 books that I mentioned will give you more direction. Especially the first IM related.

      Personally, i'm reading 'Pitch Anything' and loving it from a sales perspective. It will change your personal interactions and reporogram your mind when doing copywriting.

      But. Not a whole lot of good books in our field i would say.
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    Can you be more specific, what niche you want to jump into. There are many good guides, well written on variety of IM niches, what are you looking for?
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    Mark Anastasi's "The Laptop Mllionaire" is a good book that covers IM topics with some great case studies to emulate.

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      My personal favorite is the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series by Robert T Kiyosaki and his team. 4 Hour Work Week is another amazing read. Please check out a couple of Books by Jim Cockrum, I am a big fan of his and feel his books are way above fads, based on strong business ethics and best practices. Pat Flynn has a book in print, not sure what the name is but it is something in lines of How To Be Everywhere...
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    I rarely (errr...never) do this....but, instead of listing them here, I began making a list of FREE eBooks that I absolutely LOVE....

    Here is a snapshot:
    1) Unleashing the Ideavirus -- by Seth Godin
    2) The Art of Community -- by Jono Bacon

    ...and, the list goes on and on....
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    To many useful books to list, I would just always be reading.

    If I were to suggest only one book it would be Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich
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    I agree with Terry. Think and Grow Rich changed my perspective, which changed how I approached ideas and solutions. Invaluable! I have a free PDF version on my old server, which you can download here: Enjoy!
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    Try Amazon and type in Internet Marketing books if your wanting to pay.
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    @tongnk - It all depends on what you want to get 'out of' the book you are intending to read. You need to narrow it down.

    If you want to learn about Facebook Marketing, for example, then reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad will be of little to no help.

    What is it you are looking for exactly? Strategies? A System? Improving your mindset? What other marketers have done in this 'space'? IM in and of itself is very broad.
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      Here's one that's not specifically IM related, but will probably make you money in IM if you pay attention: Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. He's an MIT researcher who studies human behavior-- including buying behavior. It's full of fascinating reports of studies he's done and really opened my eyes. Google his name and you'll probably find one of his interesting TED talks or other videos, too.
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    I still read Dan Kennedy's "Magnetic Marketing". It's for offline business owners, but the principles of MARKETING still apply when selling online.
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    I enjoy

    Success magazine: SUCCESS

    and their book summaries:

    Since so many companies today have a web presence today and hence Internet marketing (IM) related issues, focusing on "success" factors overall makes for good reading.

    Note: they do have their issues focus on a special topic, generally, like one month was all "sales" related. Another month was all "health" related. But again, you get their IM tips mixed into some of their business interviews and other articles there, too.

    Check YouTube for videos on them for free and their sitre store for audio files to download, and a free ezine, I think.

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    Thanks guys for the overwhelming response!

    I guess what I'm after is some free readings to start. Stuff from Seth Godin I've had a read already.

    I usually like to get the free essays and read into them before starting to buy the books as I seem to get more value doing it that way!
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      I really like:
      The Magic Of Thinking Big
      The Slight Edge

      I'm also currently reading the Suitcase Entrepreneur and really enjoy it so far.

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