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Hi guys I have recently come up with a concept that I would like to share, to see if people believe that it has some potential.

im not taking this feedback as market reassert just wanted to see what people though of the idea.

basically its a platform site where people can make highlight reels from footage easy and quick. People such as football players, basketball players, go pro users ect can utilize the platform. Once the highlight reel is made it can be easily shared via fb, email, twitter ect

from what I have seen there are websites for editing and creating videos but none with the purpose of highlight reels.

would love some feedback on the concept

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    Sounds like an interesting concept.

    As a videographer I can tell you that the easiest part is recording the footage. I have several hundred hours of excellent raw footage that I have never seen. Like I said, recording is the easy and fun part. Editing is a drag.

    It takes hours and hours to dredge through the footage marking clips and finding the great stuff. If you can somehow make this process easier and less daunting, you may be onto something.

    But if people need to come to your site with a collection of short, trimmed video clips, then I think you are going to have to really differentiate yourself from the competition. There are plenty of free resources that can compile video clips and add music.

    It sounds like you are focusing on highlight reels. This could work with a lot of marketing. You are going to have to sale a service that people never thought of doing. Then, once you convince them they could use it, you'll have to convince them that your service is the best way to get it done.

    I have done a lot of reels for actors and acting students. These types of videos for sports and thrill seekers could be a good niche for someone who is willing to put in the work. You'll have to go get them, they wont come to you.

    Good luck with this if it's something you pursue.
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    Providing the site for viewing and sharing those hilite reels might turn out to be the most important part of creating a unique business, just tweaking the online editor concept for hilite reels may not be a large enough game changer on it's own.

    A function I have not seen available, would be the ability to make some sort of mashup montage from existing online videos, without having to download to your system, edit and re-upload. The server processor load would be brutal and the code to mix multiple format videos would be challenging, but moor's law suggests the power will be there in the future.

    (Apparently Youtube is burning some processor power automatically generating multiple formats of each video that's uploaded)

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      do you think you could explain a little more about the concept of mashing up existing online footage
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