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So a few weeks ago i posted how excited i was that i got $50 in a month of internet marketing.

Now Ive made $700 in just 2 weeks and heres how I did it.

On Facebook there was a group a friend invited me to called 'Location' Trades and Services. So i had a look at noticed all these small business's that did not have any website at all......

I started pming every single one saying I would make them a basic website for $300 provided they signed up via my webhosting link. Out of the first 10 people i messaged 2 were extremely keen and wanted a website done straight away. I earned $50 each per hosting signup and $300 for each website. These websites were just basic wordpress templates with a logo and content. Probably less than 2 hours work per website.

Just thought id share my small success

#$700 #weeks

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