What are the cons of Blogger?

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I'm just curious to know what everyone has to say about Blogger.
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    Blogger has its place online, but there are a few disadvantages, similar to other disadvantages of using free hosting services:

    -> Google technically owns your blog and you are limited to Google's terms and conditions, which if broken could result in your blog being deactivated and all your hard work and dedication creating posts would be lost.

    -> You will be limited by the number of templates that Blogger offers and the customisation features can sometimes be difficult and not as easy to use.

    -> Your blog’s web address is will be a subdomain of Blogger which can look unprofessional if your blog is used for purposes other than a personal blog. Here you do have the option of using a domain name.

    -> Limited extra features, in terms of side bars etc.

    Think of it as renting, as opposed to owning - in my opinion.
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    Another disadvantage is you won't be able to sell your Blogger blog.

    If you have your own domain and hosting then you will be able to build up a blog and possibly sell it, which can be a huge advantage once your blog starts to become popular.

    With your own domain and hosting you will basically be building an asset that you own and control.
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  • All of the above mentioned by others, plus the fact that there is really nothing Blogger offers that you can't get somewhere else, but without all the cons. I'd recommend just getting your own domain and making the site with WordPress. It is fast and easy, and gives you many great options you can't find on Blogger.
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    After some bad experiences, I no longer care what its advantages are. Your blog could still get slapped even if you don't break any rules.

    Last year I had a blog with original, PG-rated content, nothing fancy. I also had an affiliate link or two pointing to Kindle devices using Amazon Associates (Blogger/Amazon even endorsed their own Associates widget.) Suddenly the blog was gone, along with many other blogs from other users who experienced similar (and unexplained) issues.

    Alexa and everyone else pointed out some pretty darn good things and misconceptions, so take note before you start the blog.
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