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Hi Warriors,

For medical reasons my typing is not good, although my writing is above average (or so I like to think)! Therefore, I'm looking to find the best voice recognition software currently available. I think it will bring a tremendous boost to my business output but I haven't a clue which one is the best value or most efficient etc. :confused: Any ideas?

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    I use and love Dragon Naturally Speaking.

    It takes a bit to train it for your voice, but once you do, it is a tremendous time saver!

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    • If you use windows 7 or 8, it comes with voice recognition software that works really well. I've used it quite a bit, and I have no complaints. It takes very little time to set up to recognize your voice properly, and learn the commands and it understands me almost perfectly. I can also talk as fast as I want, which is nice.

      And it is free since it comes with your OS.

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      And cash saver
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    I can also vouch for the voice recognition software built into Windows 7 - it works great for me, and I've never felt the need to try Dragon out.
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    I also use the built-in voice recognition tool inside Windows 7 and it works pretty nicely. However, I had a hard time training it to recognize my voice.
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    Dragon Naturally Speaking seems to be the most often recommended, some people use it to speed their paid article writing business. I was surprised to find the text to speech on my Nexus 7 tablet was good enough to do dictated speaking at natural speed (with some errors).

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      I bought Dragon and use it also. I tried the Microsoft product on an older computer, and didnt like it, so skipped over it when I got the new computer.

      I love Dragon. It does take some getting used to, when you know you can just type or correct something faster, but is well worth it.

      I have heard some of the tablets have built in programs that are quite good.
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    Yep, my vote goes to Dragon Naturally Speaking. It can do way more than dictation these days. You can control applications, so you barely need to touch the keyboard. You should check out their demo videos.

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    If you have a Mac I'd suggest Dragon Dictate 3!
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      Thanks for your advice Warriors......

      Looks like Windows 7. I made an attempt to train it to my voice but it didn't seem happy. Might be cos I'm a Yorkshireman??? Ey up Winders. Int tha gettin' me messidge??:confused:

      I'm not that bad!

      Any tips or tricks?

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    I also use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. If you really want to make the most out of it, try to write a sentence at a time, otherwise if you only speak a word or two at a time you will find that you will generate punctuation errors.
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    I've been using Dragon Naturally Speaking, whenever I need to dictate anything, for over a decade and its just got better and better. You don't even need to train it much anymore unless you have a strong accent.

    The key is to use a good headset with a quality microphone attached. That way the accuracy is much higher.
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    Dragon Naturally Speaking is the best product I've ever used or tested. The speech recognition in both Vista and Windows 7 aren't bad. They generally do the job so you can go that route if you don't want to purchase DNS.

    However, I just picked up the latest Basic DNS version for $25 bucks at Fry's Electronics and it even comes with a headset that works beautifully. I use it to type up my ebooks, my reports, write emails, etc.

    It's hands down head and shoulders over anything else I've tried. But if you're on a windows machine and are on a tight budget you probably have speech recognition built in already.

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    the most advanced software that I know is called Dragon Naturally Speaking... that's a good stuff
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    I've tried the Windows version of speech to text software and personally, I think it sucks. I don't like it at all. I would suggest, as others have, that you check out the Dragon software. I use it and it's very good. Takes some practice to get used to but much better than Windows. I think you can get a FREE trial or a lite version to test it out as well. Happy typing!!

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    I am using DNS 12.5 for some months now, there *IS* nothing comparable do DNS.

    It has tremendously sped up my writing. You need a good microphone tho and it can be pretty resource heavy..so you need a relatively up-to-date PC w/ plenty of ram. I was first very hesitant with DNS and didn't use it for a long time because I was afraid that correcting errors would ultimately take longer than the benefit of dictacting *per se*, but now I cannot even think about writing WITHOUT IT anymore.
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    One of my friends uses Dragon Naturally Speaking software and he is very satisfied about this product. I hear him praising it all the time. You should try it, too.
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      Great feedback, thanks so much. Going to do a bit of research, does anyone know if Nuance have an affiliate program? If I'm going with this I want my readers to have a chance of buying too!

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        Hi folks

        Can anyone tell me the make and model of the best headset for Dragon or Windows 7?

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    i'm using IPhone i think it will be the best for you
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  • I use Mac voice recognition , Windows 8 and Dragon. Dragon is the best and windows second. The thing I don't like about windows is like in Scrivinar it will not type (not supported) but after training it, it's pretty accurate. Dragon is large that is the thing I don't like but it's stable and works and I write my books using it mostly. I wish the mac one was as good but I don't like how many mistakes it makes.
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    I've always used Dragon when I'm too lazy or tired to write something online (which is rare). At first I was going to suggest "Natural Reader", but then I realized that you were looking for something totally different. I would consider Dragon because it's incredibly easy, and comes with a headset... one that can be easily replaced (if necessary) at the local Best Buy.

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    I use Dragon Naturally Speaking all the time and it works very well. You just have to train it for your voice. Staples or Officemax often have excellent sales. I got mine half off.

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