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Promoting related books from amazon is probably the best way. Requesting donations is another way but it's not as profitable. I don't want to put PPC ads and banners so adsense and the like are out.

Any other ideas?
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    Have you considered creating and selling your own ebook on the topic? As far s I know people in the spiritual niche are always looking for good advice. And if your ebook isn't priced too high, they may want to buy it.

    Of course, this is assuming that you already are experienced enough to give the advice. If not, then you could partner with some other experts in their niche and promote their ebook for an affiliate commission. Either way, it can work really well depending on the traffic you get.
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    You could write your own spiritual e-book and give it away for the price of an email. Build a list with your free e-book, then send out a regular spiritual newsletter and promote targeted affiliate products through it, especially of products you have used and personally recommend.


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    Depending on what exactly you mean by spiritual...

    I mean, are we talking religion or spirituality more in the direction of horoscopes and such?

    If you are referring the latter, there are more possibilities in my opinion.

    You could partner up with a company that offers pet cremation or even vases to hold the ashes of deceased family members. Or some other type of keepsake of that nature.

    You could also do psychic readings or zodiac compatibility sessions or something slightly silly like that (lots of people put tons of weight into that kind of stuff, so it's worth considering).

    Would help to know what you mean by spiritual.
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      Originally Posted by ashloren View Post

      Would help to know what you mean by spiritual.

      Depending on what you mean by "spiritual", there might be plenty of suitable "ClickBank-type" products for you to promote. That would involve list-building (but then so - probably - will promoting Amazon products successfully).
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    You might try Amazon, and filter the widgets-ads you want to run.
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    • Build a list. Then get a product to mail your list to get a commission

      'Management System for sustainability of Internet Businesses'

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    Basically, you can adjust ad sense. There is a way to prevent porn dating sites and similar from showing up. Also, you can do affiliate marketing to get money. Christian Mingle pays me $5.50 per lead using never blue ads and that is super max.

    Products to sell via amazon are Christian music as in praise songs. Also, books, calendars, etc. There is even a good selection of movies. I like to use amazon. They are a big company. Also, there is no problem with them paying me. Direct deposit is the method they use.

    Kick starter is an option if you want to create a nonviolent Christian video game.
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    If you are not able to find affiliate products in ClickBank etc, I think the most profitable way to monetize will be to create your own product. The best way perhaps might be to write your own kindle books. Direct people who buy the book from Amazon to your website where you capture their emails. You could channel your leads to other affiliate products after that. But please keep in mind that your product need not be a kindle ebook. I just suggested it because it will be the cheapest to create. You can make a clickbank product or sell hard stuff as well.
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    We just launched, Spiritual Institution is the best source for spiritual and personal development online learning. We offer 50% commissions for all of our courses. We will soon be adding subscription based membership courses which will be a great passive income source for our affiliates. The platform is solid, free to be an affiliate and make money right away!
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      I am with those who counsel creating your own products. More work up front, better reward in the long run.
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