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by A S M
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Hello fellow Warriors!

I have little problem with a voting system i require in order to declare winners for various contests and simultaneously promote the contest.

The only strategy i can think of for an effective way of having a good voting system and exposure the same time is to have a combination of members votes on my site adding up to 80% of the votes and 20% from facebook likes.

Now my issue is that someone can easily spam "likes" and easily overwhelm that 80% of votes of the members which will lead to unfair results. Although, I will be manually reviewing every "like" and member votes .... when the things get tough(meaning thousands of likes & votes) , I won't be able to effectively control that anymore manually.

In a sense, I want that 80% to be more "important" than the facebook likes. Basically stating that the 80% of members votes is a lot more important than that 20% likes. But the 20% likes will affect your overall score.

Hope thats not to confusing.

Any suggestion on how i can achieve this?

Any help will be highly appreciated, Thank you

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