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Hi all,

I've got enough material for about 60 distinct websites (content sites of about 20 pages each - all on different topics) and I'm kinda stuck as to how to proceed with publishing it all. I really don't want to spend $400+ getting 60 separate domain names and going the reseller hosting route. Unless I'm convinced it is clearly superior to any other option. So my question is really for experienced Warriors who now have or have had lots of sites running concurrently. Can you detail the pros and cons for each of the following options?

1. Purchase 60 separate domains and set up individual sites for each set of content.

2a. Purchase one domain and set up 59 subdomains (

2b. Purchase one domain and set up 59 directories (

3. Purchase domains in categories and set up either subdomains or directories within similar topic groupings. For example, if I have 5 sets of content in the general "health" category, set up one domain as a catchall for those 5 and go with subdomains or directories to keep the overall site topical.

I've had as many as 8 sites going at once in the past, and just had 8 separate domains for them. But this is a whole 'nother level and it's just not economically feasible to plunk down $400+ right now, unless you guys convince me that it's worth that kind of investment because the other options have too many downsides. I guess I mean in terms of SEO, incoming links, penalties, Google love, etc.

I'm really looking to avoid theories and "I have heard" types of comments. I need some solid recommendations from experienced Warriors who have been down this same path before, or at least those who know firsthand what the pros and cons will be for each option. For that matter, if there's an alternative I'm missing (very possible, never having gone down this path before myself), please chime in.

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    I'd do #3 and separate the sites into niches.

    I've done this and used both subdomains (which I used to prefer) and folders (which I prefer now). Creates larger sites and for me it's easier to work on 10 large sites than 60 small ones.
    You can use the index page of the larger site - plus blogs - to tie the subniches together so they make sense.

    If the subjects are closely related, I'd use folder. If they are not, I'd use subdomains and based the SD name on the sites keywords.


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    Thank you, Kay. I appreciate your advice from experience.

    John Schwartz
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    The site split into folders is probably going to be easier to manage, and I would definitely recommend splitting the sites down into the 'catchall' categories and then sub-siting off that.

    For one, the added content will add authority overall to the catchall domain, but at the same time, the subjects will be related enough that you should also see authority by focusing on related niches instead of appearing to be a one-domain-fits-all or Jack-of-All-Trades site.

    Even if you actually have 15 different sites like this, each site is sticking to a single theme/market, and probably won't have much, if any, direct connection to the others except perhaps sharing a hosting server.

    Scott Burton

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