The most important thing to make money online

by Elec
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Guys I want to know what's your most important thing you believe in that will let you make money online. What is that most important thing that you think if you mastered you'll make tons on the web?
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    Commit, work hard and provide genuine value. Find what you are good at and work relentlessly at mastering and redefining those skills. Become an expert and take care of your clients as they will take care of you.
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      Originally Posted by bdriggs182 View Post

      Commit, work hard and provide genuine value. Find what you are good at and work relentlessly at mastering and redefining those skills. Become an expert and take care of your clients as they will take care of you.
      Completely agree! Making money online is not that much different than in brick and mortar. It just generally costs less to get start. The downside to that is that it's also a lot easier to get distracted by something new.
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    For me personally, its mindset training. It just keeps me focus and enable me to take action and not sit around and do nothing.
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    Collect 5-6 methods every week from Warrior Forum.
    Read it, Collect tools, and then most important thing "Take Action".
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      To me it's spending most of my time doing customer and competition research. This practice gives me insight about how to make my business more valuable
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        Be different, and DO IT.
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          Thanks guys for your response!
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    self motivation, there are so many distractions with facebook, twitter that a lot of time gets wasted, i would say staying focused is the most important thing
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    Learn that there is a LOT of false info in internet-marketing, that's just a fact, ACCEPT it, test everything for yourself only believe the real results! No point in getting frustrated when "expert advice" you paid for is provably fake, learn from it, move on, test something else!

    Unusual opportunity! CPA type offer (no selling), commissions $1k to $300k each time, in-person (US), phone or online. Click here for more details.
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    It's mindset. Nothing else matters more, in business, or in life.

    People don't fail because of strategies. Strategies can be changed.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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      FOCUS on one thing - until you get it right - (or unless you realize it will never work)

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      Mind/mindset plays a HUGE role.

      Your mindset is one of the biggest reasons why you are not making a killing online.

      You create your own mental barriers. You lack of confidence.

      You don't believe that you are able to make money online and come up with question after question that keeps you from starting an online business or making money online... forever. Questions like; "I'm nobody, why should people listen to me"? or.."i don't have any experience", "am i good enough"?, "why people should pay for my products"? "i was online for years and never made a cent, am not gonna make anything now" etc. etc.

      Its a dangerous vicious cycle. You get discouraged and frustrated everytime and seems impossible to get out from it.

      Theres like a voice in your head that constantly resists to changes and creates fear around risks. Life is about risks and you should prepar yourself for a CHANGE.
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    I mostly believe in myself. Trust market testing and building on strength. Believe I can be creative and am always learning. There is no such thing as failure, just things to learn from and grow. Believe I learn best when I'm curious and if I am having fun I will put 10x the energy into it.
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    Treat your online ventures as seriously as a regular paying job, committing a set number of hours daily or weekly to promotion and other traffic building and content creation activities.
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    The most important thing about making money online is changing your mind set. Money is just a reward when you do thing right. Hard work and dedication!
    Back in 2010 i tried to make money online and i bought many ebooks and videos from Gurus..
    Until i met a great guy which is my mentor and friend. He gave a lot of information about creating an online business and it has nothing to do with making money. Everything is up to you! Your decisions will guide you and you learn from them as you make mistakes.
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    Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

    Domains for sale - see
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    Killer content that converts visitors into customers. I think
    this is more important than traffic but when you combine
    the 2, you can pretty much write your own check.
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    Without a doubt, the single most important element for making money online is total belief that you are capable of making money online. This means "seeing the matrix". If you haven't seen the matrix, you will never begin the journey.

    Another way of saying 'belief in oneself' is 'having experienced the emotional state which you seek to recreate'. Without feeling the freedom first, why would you ever chase after it?
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    You have to be persistent, but you also have to be flexible. In other words, you have to persist until you will win, but you have to understand what you are doing, and change your methods if something is not working as it should. Perhaps you have to make more changes.

    Persistence is not a blind insistence. If you are making mistakes, you cannot keep making the same mistakes until you will die. You have to change something (or many things) until you will have the results you desire.

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  • Focus and get work done (or get other to get the work done) but get stuff done!

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    The most important thing is your own attitude to succeed. Nothing is more important than that. The skills can come later
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