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Does anyone know why article sites (i.e. EZA) do not allow content about Label Rights, but do allow Resell Rights.

If you can define the differences between them all, it'd be appreciated. I'm just off to Wiki to see what it says there too.

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    I'm not sure what you mean about Article Directory sites not accepting "content about" private label rights. Certainly you can publish articles about PLR, MRR, etc.

    What you cannot do is publish a PLR or MRR article. The content you publish must be unique to you only.

    Here's a few basic definitions for you:

    Private Label Rights: You can claim authorship, rewrite it, use it however (or nearly however- check the rules) you please.

    Resale Rights: You can resell it and keep all the profits, but you can't change the content in any way or claim authorship.

    Master Resale or Private Label Rights: "Master" meaning you can pass along the RR or PLR rights to another person, so they too can resell or modify and use it. Without Master rights, only you can sell it.

    You'll also find Personal Use only rights, which means you can't sell it or give it away; and Giveaway Rights, which allows you to give it away, but not sell it.

    Most "Rights" products come with a list of what you can and cannot do with them. These rights can vary considerably, so be careful to check them out on each individual product.

    For examples, just search "PLR" on this forum.

    Bill Grosh
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