Using PLR Articles to Make An eBook

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Hi Warriors

I have a bunch of PLR articles which I plan to make into a series of eBooks. I plan to give these ebooks away, offer them to $2 eBay sellers etc, etc... Basically I want them to go viral and they will contain links back to my sites, affiliate products, etc.

I will write a sales page and come up with a title for each book.

The thing is that the articles I have come up in Google when you search for them. If I am putting these articles into a free eBook, does it matter? Or do I still need to rewrite the articles? Remember here that I am not looking to make money from the eBooks directly, rather from the links in the books.

Would like to hear Warriors thoughts on this...

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    I have big plans but just a few things holding me back.
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    It doesn't matter if the articles are already in Google. Go for it. Give it a unique formatting, and a catchy name for the book with a professionally done ecover, it will sell.

    How many people in your target audience do you think will be googling the titles of articles and reading them? Take the first step, and you will find that people often pay for things that are available free too, if they are all assembled in a convenient way.


    I am a Jack Duncan Fan!

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    This is a good plan - I would be more inclined to find a way to get the reader on your list and then monetize instead of a direct link to an affiliate site. But that's just me.

    Good luck,

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      Were you thinking there might be a Google penalty for "duplicate content" ?

      Duplicate content is a non-issue for ebooks and autoresponders. Those are two places where you don't have to worry about rewriting PLR - at least in terms of how it will affect Google page rank or search results. Since it's not posted on a website or blog, it won't be exposed to the search engines.

      Go for it!



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