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I'm just curious if anyone has tested a sales funnel similar to what I outline below. Let's assume we are dealing with an offer, upsell and a downsell.

#1: A normal sales funnel would take you to an order page and if they say yes to the offer, they will be taken to the upsell. If they say no to the offer, they will be taken to the downsell.

#2: I have seen some examples recently where marketers are putting all their options on one order page. So they would have 3 choices on one page instead of taking people through an actual funnel. The people select which option they want, and checkout.

Has anyone tested which method actually pulls better?

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    I would think #1 would work better.

    Once people buy from you they are in a buying mode and most of them buy the upsells or downsells. They do this because they are still "HOT" and this is why funnels work so well.
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      The two methods serve a different purpose and you can
      actually use BOTH.

      The second method...3 options...generally increases the
      number of people who will buy the middle priced option,
      and gives you some premium sales of the high priced
      option (some people always buy at premium price).

      After they've made that purchase you can always
      make some different kind of upsell or downsell or whatever
      is appropriate.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    I think you're getting this wrong. If a marketer has different prices on a sales page that doesn't mean it's an upsell or downsell. We use this to increase conversions and use different prices for different needs.

    Even if I use the different pricing strategy I will always have an upsell and downsell after the person decides to buy.
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    Andre, I can definitely see your point of being in that "hot" buying mode. Get your prospect saying "yes," and it's easier to get them to continue to say yes.

    Andrew, now that you mention that, I feel like I heard that before but forgot. Thanks for your response.

    Nytshade, I understand it may not be an upsell or downsell but you could easily turn 3 offers into that structure making the middle priced product your offer, Premium, your upsell, low end your downsell. I was using that as a quick example. Have you tested both methods? Sales funnel vs. 3 order options on 1 sales page?


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    Yep, and the one with different prices always converts better... according to my experience btw
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    Having pricing options can work well and if done properly will increase the amount of money each person spends on your front end offer. It can also actually help increase conversions. But it doesn't necessarily replace an upsell. On my recent launch I had two different license options for the front end offer. They were done in a way that the two options made the higher priced option seem like the most sensible choice by far. In most cases you only ever want your customers to buy one particular option, you just use the other pricing options to help make that one option seem like the best value.

    I also had an upsell after they purchased the front end offer though and that upsell converted at 52% over thousands of sales.
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    I agree with Andrew, you can work both ways, one will get you less buyers and other will get you more buyers who will keep continue buying.
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    A lot of times the product itself makes all the difference. One of my own products is a website. The website has three different components. The components are priced separately, so the website has three different prices. The sales page has all three prices and the customer selects the price from a list.

    That allows me to offer upsells:

    1) Website with no options, but an optional upsell to components one and two.
    2) Website with component one, but an optional upsell to component two.
    3) Website with components one and two and a completely different upsell only available to this specific offer.

    So, yes all three offers are on the sales page. In my experience, the customer usually selects the third option which is the highest price. However, the same customer usually returns and selects a combination of the first and second option. That depends on the niche and their budget.

    The end results are:
    1) Budgets for everyone.
    2) Last, but most important are Returning Customers.

    One thing I learned early is the fact that affordable and a variety of reliable products creates on-going sales from repeat customers which translates to an on-going internet business.

    So, it is not always a matter of the upsell funnel that creates additional income, but more a matter of the upsell funnel that creates repeat customers and a real business on the internet.
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