The Difference Between Failure and Success

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Hello all,

New to the site, but definately not new to marketing. I've been browsing the site, and there seems to be a lot of talent on this board. I wanted to pass on a few tidbits as many have already generously offered assistance in helping me locate some much needed services for my latest product.

Many years ago I was in the finance industry as a "newbie." I started with a company and nearly quit after my first week, as all I heard was grumbling around the office about how: "No one can make any money in this town/ with this company/ with this pay scale....

I was quickly disillusioned. However, after a little head shaking, I decided that the 80/20 rule applied here, and likely all I was hearing were negative grumblings from people who refused to apply themselves.

I decided that if I was going to work this job, then I was going to give it my all, and prove all these naysayers wrong. It took less than 60 days for me to become the top salesman, and and I nearly tripled the income of the sales manager my first year. - Haha

At this stage in the game, all I heard were excuses from the rest of the office about how I was just "lucky" or I received "special leads - special treatment" from management or even my favorite: "I bet he doesn't have a life since he probably works so much to earn that - I wouldn't want his income anyway..."

Fast-forward 9 years and I decided to launch a website that taught how to duplicate what I did. Funny thing is the site was an immediate hit, and continues to grow every month.

However, I still hear the same compllaints, and see the same laziness amongst my members. Excuses, procrastination, andm ore excuses.

My point for telling you this story? Here it is... (Drumroll please?)

- You're going to be busy day in and day out whether you're a success or a failure... Wouldn't you rather be a success?

- Being busy, ad being busy with "high payoff" activity are 2 different things entirely. If you're not engaging prospects and selling, then what are you doing? There is more work to get done then there is time to do it for most of us. Many choose to spend their time on "busy work" that gets you nowhere. Sure, there are many things that have to get done, but why not spend a majority of your time on the high payoff activities?

Outsource the rest, (In the beginning, I outsourced to young relatives until I could afford professional assistance) or if that's not possible, time block your day.

- If you want to earn extra-ordinary income, then stop spending your time on ordinary things. What 1 or 2 things can you do today before you stop working to make your day special? Exciting? Amazing? For each of us, we have our own fears and challenges. Face those challenges. WHenever my income started to sag, I would go hunting for the things that scared me.

I went hunting for those activities, because that was usually where the money was! Cold calling a massive billion dollar company? Huh... If I was nervous about this, I bet my competition was as well, and you know what that means!! Haha - Yes, I was one of the few who took action, and I was handsomely rewarded for it.

Each and every one of us has potential that goes unrealized. It's a tradgedy that most will never live up to their potential i nthis world... But that doesn't mean you have to fall in that category! Make today the best possible day you can, as it's the last Tuesday September 2, 2008 you'll ever have... There are no "do-overs" in life, so get with it while you can.

Make it a great one guys, and thanks again for the warm welcome and recommendations on useful services!
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    Yeah, there are two types of people in the world.

    One make complaints, the other make money.

    The sad thing is you can't do both at the same time.

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      Haha - Too true...

      But I also believe there's a 3rd type of person. The perpetual procrastinator... Good intentions, but lacks the implementation needed to succeed. Small victories on a day to day basis add up quickly.

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      Welcome to the forum! What a great way to start out here, with this awesome post!

      Your advice is so true. When I was working in a sales office, our top salesman was so good at spending his time only doing the actions which brought in sales, that he worked only a 4 day week. One day he set up sales appointments. The next 3 days he made the presentations and sales. Then he had a 3 day weekend - every week!

      So not only does that increase your income, but it also gives you more time off!

      A lot of people spend more time doing the busy work in order to procrastinate on doing what counts, because it is out of their comfort zone to do what counts (like picking up the phone to set up appointments). Doesn't make much sense when you look at it logically, but that's just the way most people are.

      Even though we don't always need to pick up the phone to set appointments here in the IM world, the concept is the same. If you spend your time doing what brings in the money, even if some of those actions are out of your comfort zone, then the money will come in.

      Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

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        Very nice post. A good way to live your life in general.
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        Excellent point Kathryn! I agree 100%. Procrastination is often a defense mechanism against doing the uncomfortable. I used to shoot myself in the foot all the time when I first waddled my way over to the sales field... Haha

        It's amazing how powerful the brain is. We can rationalize our way into believing everything is against us, and that there is a legit reason not to get the things done that count the most.

        But ultimately, I believe that those who catch on to this pattern and force themselves out of it will see what they are truly capable of. I have already had the pleasure of meeting (virtually of course) several members on this fine site that seem to "get it." Congrats to all of you!


        A lot of people spend more time doing the busy work in order to procrastinate on doing what counts, because it is out of their comfort zone to do what counts (like picking up the phone to set up appointments). Doesn't make much sense when you look at it logically, but that's just the way most people are.
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