Still having problems with a marketing niche.. any tips?

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Hey everyone, does anyone have any tips to lend me on figuring out a good marketing niche? I am struggling with this and is causing a huge delay in learning about all this stuff lol.
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    Digital Marketing is uber-hot as a marketing niche right now, although it's not just a "niche" anymore.

    Given the tone of your question (as I sense it), I'm not really sure that this is the kind of answer you were looking forward to. But then again, maybe you were. Who knows! I took the safe route.
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    What are you into? Why do you need a niche?
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    I'm mostly into computers, electronics etc. But I feel like I need a niche to start selling soem stuff to get some commission lol..
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      Originally Posted by Nicheguybob View Post

      I'm mostly into computers, electronics etc. But I feel like I need a niche to start selling soem stuff to get some commission lol..
      You can make commissions in any niche. Have decided on your business model?

      Are you gonna:
      1. Blog
      2. Sell info products
      3. Build a list
      4. Do all of the above

      I reckon having a plan is essential. Map it all it out. Using a mind map tool really helps. If you have capital look at what you can outsource to speed everything up.

      You mentioned you're into Computers & Electronics. Which parts of these huge niches interest you the most? Software? Mac? PC? Hardware? Online SaaS apps? IOS Apps? Games?

      Focus on what you know. Organise your knowledge and skills to help other people.

      Focus on helping beginners in your chosen niche solve their problems.

      Build a following.

      Build their trust.

      Then recommend cool stuff to them.

      This can be done in any niche. So don't get caught up in finding the "Golden niche".

      Just get out there. Build something and have fun doing it.

      Hope that helped.
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      Originally Posted by Nicheguybob View Post

      I'm mostly into computers, electronics etc. But I feel like I need a niche to start selling soem stuff to get some commission lol..
      Preventing overheating in computers. Now THAT is something I struggle with in my HP Envy M6
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        Think in terms of a starving crowd. These people are hungry for a product or service that solves a real problem they have.

        Another approach is to think in terms tips. Marc Ostrofsky talks about this in his book "Get Rich Click" where you do a Top 10 Tips or Top 10 Products solving a problem and build a site with affiliate products that fill that need.

        Some ideas might be....

        - 10 tips for flirting
        - 7 tips for hiring older workers
        - 10 tips for lowering cholesterol naturally
        - tips for getting rid of garlic breath
        - tips for organizing a small closet

        The sky is the limit.
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    There are thousands to choose from ... Probably start with something that you like or know a lot about

    Good idea to be able to speak the language of that niche

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    Start with a niche you are passionate about (as you will have to research it more), also make sure there is enough of a market to make some money (so your efforts are worth it) - make your first product a learning experience so you can get the process down, there are many pieces to the simple puzzle.

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    Start off with a hobby that you are very good at. Then look at Amazon for some good ideas. I had bought a good niche finding software in the past... can't remember the name of it though. But it was good.
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      It will help if you have some knowledge or experience in the niche. I would suggest you begin by inventorying your life for:
      • Education beyond the normal public school courses
      • Training in a particular field or for a specific job
      • Experience in life, especially if you have a lot in one area
      • Passion for a particular topic or study
      • Hobbies that you enjoy and/or are proficient with
      • Career experience
      • Subjects you would like to learn
      • Character traits that others see in you
      • Expertise beyond the norm in any field
      The idea is to (a) be able to speak the jargon of the niche, (b) understand somewhat the mentality and hopes of the niche prospects, (c) be able to be considered an expert or an authority, (d) understand quality in offerings to the niche, (e) be able to write in the niche (for a blog, email content, and possibly to develop products for sale, (f) shorten the learning curve so you are conversant very quickly, and (g) be able to talk about personal experiences within the niche.

      Take stock of what you know, who you are, and what you have learned or experienced that you could share with other people.

      I can honestly tell you that you would be amazed at the profitable businesses that some people have created simply because they knew something, or did something well and shared it with others for a fee.

      Good luck to you,


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    Now as you are an electronics and computer guy, so you if you might know about softwares technologies, apps ect so it is a great opportunity for you to try your potentiel in the field you are good at, there is tons of money floating in mobile,tab pc apps.
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