Your Aweber Log In Name?

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I am curious if you are a member of aweber, for your aweber log in name are you using your real name, pen name (plus a number) or do use a name you made up for security or other reasons?
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    I´m a Aweber customer and my login name is a combination of my first and last name.Quite a funny question, is there a bigger meaning to this?
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    Is there a reason you shouldn't use your real name? Or a combination thereof?
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    does the login name show up in the lists/emails sent out?

    It would suck if your real name was attached to emails,especially in the case of lists with pen names attached.

    ps; sorry if that question just sounds stupid. Time for bed!

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      Yes I was wondering if the log in name might show up with emails that go out also or if no one else sees the log in name. Not sure exactly how aweber works.

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        Your log in is just for logging in purposes so you can use what ever name you want. It does not appear on your AR series - you set those preferences once you go in for what ever list you are doing.

        You can have as many lists as you want, and each can have a different company name attached and different reply to email etc.

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  • Ha! That seemed like a phishing scam for a second there.

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    I am pretty darn good online at researching. I find my searches reveal some important details that I assume people are not intended to see. I am a bit of a reverse engineer type which could be why I see this stuff which others are not looking for. It is the coder side of me still trying to learn more. I cannot remember right now if the aweber login names were something i saw but i know i have seen aweber list names. Not that that is a secret but they are out there for people to see even more than most people realize. Therefore, I say choose representative list names to remind people of what they are subscribed to, and do as you please with your account names. just my 2 cents

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