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Hello everyone

As I've said in my previous thread, I'm trying to build a fitness site. I'm a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer. I have years of experience in this niche and I have some great ideas. I'm planning to create my own ebook and offer weight loss coaching online.

The problem is that I can't find a micro niche. My tips and articles are geared towards anyone who's into fitness and bodybuilding. For example, I've written some posts about the benefits of squats, intermittent fasting, etc. Will I be able to attract traffic if my content is so general? And no, I don't want to write content designed for pregnant women, seniors, etc. I just want to help people get fit regardless of age, fitness level, etc. That's why I'm unable to choose a micro niche.

Could anyone tell me how should I proceed? What's the best approach? Should I keep writing general content (I always write from a different perspective and provide interesting info that can't be found on other sites).
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    Hi Andra33

    Your question actually brings up many other questions.
    You need to decide on the unique selling position of your website. What is so special about you and your website that will attract people to find it in the first place. When visitors come to your site they need to know very quickly that they have found the right place.
    This means that general content is good for visitors.

    For example:-

    1. A person who is struggling with their weight will probably find what they are looking for. Your website will be full of information for them.

    2. But someone with a very specific dietary need such as "How to make gluten free sour dough bread" will not immediately find what they are looking for. Unless you have specific micro niche content for this.

    The problem for you is that from a search engine point of view you might get more targetted visitors with the second type of person in the SERPS.
    I tend to mix my content up with general and specific content.

    The other aspect that struck me is that "squats for seniors" is a micro niche, but you do not want to provide content for them, which I understand.
    But all websites are about your visitors. Not what you want to write about. I hope that doesn't sound too harsh.

    You could end up with a magnificent glowing website that meets no ones' needs.

    If I had your expertise I would network with people who live near you. Give out flyers and business cards promoting your business. By positioning yourself as the person to go to for fitness and nutrition in your locality you would very quickly grow a client group. Your website would then support these clients.

    Good luck with your business

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    The more targeted your keyword is the better results you will get. This is why it is better to go for sub niches so that you are laser focused. The problem - solution kind of approach works well.

    Do some research of the top5 sites in your niche and take note of how they promote, what are the hot buttons they use to pre sell, the sale page etc.

    If you are using a blog then ideally your articles / blog posts should lead the customer to a sales page / optin page. Your articles would be based on long tail keywords ( in the same niche) that can rank easily on search engines.
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      Couldn't I write both general and niche-related posts? I'm thinking about writing longer, authoritative posts with general content, as well as several keyword rich posts targeting specific niche (ex: weight loss diets for lactose intolerant people, affordable diet plans for those who are on a tight budget, etc.) Also, I'm thinking about writing eBooks in these micro niches. Can I mix general posts with niche specific posts?
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        I will promote my business locally, but I have to build another website for this purpose - one that is in my language (Romanian). For the start, I want to offer a variety of ebooks and online services on my English website.
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          You're saying fitness & bodybuilding. They are really two separate things. Fitness can come in the form of crossfit, paleo diets, free running, running, sports, etc.

          I would recommend focusing on the lifting aspect of it. This will give you the ability to write content that would be helpful for anyone... yet, target people who are more interested in lifting weights.

          This small change a year from now may make a big difference for you.

          You could write articles like "Why cardio is the least effective thing you could do to get in shape, and the 3 most effective exercises that will get you shredded"

          This would help you target a little more. Once again this distinction is as big as say weightlifting over 50, but it's a good start.
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    There are numerous authority fitness sites that deal with much more than 1 topic or sub-niche, and it sounds like you have expertise in numerous areas. Rather than trying to narrow down your subject matter too early, I'd suggest looking at some of these sites to see how they're laid out.
    Nothing is stopping you from having a general fitness site with tabs or pages focused on more specific areas. You could have a tab on your home page that directs people to your articles on diet and weight loss, another tab directing towards strength training, yet another about fitness at any age.

    Once you set it up in that way and start to monetize with affiliate products, cpa, whatever you plan to do, you'll start getting a sense of what areas of your site are converting best. And then you can consider driving more visitors to those sections and ramping up the content there.
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    Look at your own friends and family for some niche ideas. From my own household I could come up with "fitness for geeks", "fitness for busy moms" and "fitness for teenage girls".
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    I would suggest you start your blogs/newsletters etc dealing with your areas of interest and as time goes by you will identify smaller niches you can delve into.

    As an example, legendary fitness guru Joe Bonomo started by following his friend Charles Atlas lead with similar products; but as time went by found a better market for him in women's fitness- a market few at the time knew existed.

    I started in general self defense, then found my readers/clients were more interested in the fitness element of self defense, and then more interested in gymless and equipmentless niches in fitness.

    Marketing is a fluid environment- as is life. Water not stone.
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    There are a number of sites out there that focus on fitness as a general topic and do well. I would suggest researching them and learn from their best practices.

    The best advice may be for you to focus on one "micro niche" at a time as you build up an authority site that covers many areas of fitness. This way you'll be working towards your ultimate goal of a general fitness site whilst still attracting laser targeted traffic to specific subsections which can be more easily monetized.

    Begin to organize your content into categories and expand from there. The old school term for this in SEO would be "siloing."

    Wishing you the best.
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    The intense, over load work outs seem to be very popular now on TV infommercials. Maybe you could take that same concept and bring it online for your own niche blog. You would want to produce a series of articles and videos about the subject and have full photo tutorials presenting proper techniques. There could be good affiliate or marketing options for such a blog, with tie ins to popular workouts being sold.

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    The question is what do you want?
    There are so many ways to market online.

    Do you just want to make money with your knowledge? If so then just make a few mini sites and monetize your targeted lists.

    Do you like typing and having followers? Then a blog would be ideal. People would be more into you and your knowledge. Gain more trust and still monetize your list.

    Do you have passion and in it for the long run? A membership would give you the most general niche. Having many targeted niches in one and you can monetize the most with it. But its the hardest one to keep up with.

    You have to really think what you want out of it. How big of a sales funnel do you want? How much time do you really have for it. Do you really truly understand IM (took me over a year)? My guess is you really don't have a grasp on IM. Finding a targeted niche is number one but before that, you need to know how you are going to present that niche. Once you have that, things will become much clearer to you.

    Hope it helps you
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      I can tell from my own experience that it's better to be very specific and to have a very well targeted audience.

      I started with general articles and I was writing on all kinds of topics, then I started to build a list. Only then I realized that my audience is way too general...for example if I wanted to promote a muscle-building program, the e-mails would not be appreciated by the ladies on my list that want to lose weight.

      Or if I write about eating fruits and vegetables, the males looking to get strong won't like that.

      So if you don't want to focus on a specific audience (for example seniors), you can at least target people that have a very specific goal. For example:

      - men that want to build muscle
      - men that want to get strong
      - men/women who want to lose weight
      - women who want to "get toned"
      - people looking for healthy recipes

      and so on...
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        Thanks for your replies. I've already started to add content on my website. I'm targeting men and women who are physically active, work out regularly, and know the basic of good nutrition. Let's say a 30 years old woman who wants to stay fit, build lean muscle, and maybe lose a few pounds.

        I'm offering information at a more advanced level - it's not something that a newbie could easily understand. I want to reach a more mature, educated audience. Even so, I still believe that I've chosen a niche that is too broad. I guess all I can do at this point is to keep adding content, promote it, and then focus on a smaller niche.
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          Originally Posted by andra33 View Post

          Thanks for your replies. I've already started to add content on my website. I'm targeting men and women who are physically active, work out regularly, and know the basic of good nutrition. Let's say a 30 years old woman who wants to stay fit, build lean muscle, and maybe lose a few pounds.

          I'm offering information at a more advanced level - it's not something that a newbie could easily understand. I want to reach a more mature, educated audience. Even so, I still believe that I've chosen a niche that is too broad. I guess all I can do at this point is to keep adding content, promote it, and then focus on a smaller niche.
          The first thing I ask people when they come to me with a niche idea, is "who exactly is your audience?"

          The fitness market is pretty huge and it has plenty of niches underneath it. There are any number of approaches you can take. You can try and create an authority website that will have a specific link that focuses on more than one niche under the fitness market. If you want to see a poorly executed example of this, go to Fitness dot com, their website is painful to look at and the topics on top don't make any sense to me.

          You're right, the fitness market is too broad and the most successful entrepreneurs have been able to monetize it by knowing which audience they are targeting and then they mold their USP to fit that audience.

          While it sounds like you want to target the more "advanced" fitness individual that's more "mature" and "educated", I'm still not sure what they really means in terms of which demographics and their specific needs and wants would be.

          Some Fitness instructors have carved themselves a great micro-niche by ONLY working with professional athletes and celebrities. Others go after working professionals and executives. They publish and advertise where these people read and "hang out".

          I've consulted with a few fitness gurus in my day and the ones that have had the most success have either:

          * Created a program that targets BUSY people who only have 15 to 30 minutes to work out. The lastest successfu example of this is Shaun T's T25 work out. Has it been made for mass appeal? YES and that is one of the keys to success IF you're going to use Television as a distribution channel. Again, this just one example.


          * Created a program that targets a very specific BODY PART or NEED.

          The most successful ABS programs had TONS of social proof (lots of testimonials and videos). They also invested a lot of money to test out different online ad sources and tweaked their conversions until they had a winner.

          There are programs that target a woman's bottom, hips, legs, and even arms.

          Weight loss is usually an issue that most people want when they are seeking fitness (in the USA alone 1 out of every 5 people is considered obese and these numbers are going up!). One fitness instructor in my county has a work out regimen specifically for pregnant mothers and then another program that helps them lose the weight fast!

          I told her she should create an infoproduct along with a membership website but she's not interested and is busy enough with her currently endeavors.

          So, who is your target audience?

          What will your unique selling proposition be?

          "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
          - Jim Rohn
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    Be specific and define your niche. Brand yourself as an expert in that niche. If you can find affiliate products in that niche to promote on your blog that is even better. Just make sure you set up an opt in page so you can build your list and share information with them
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    By being a certified nutritionist and a fitness trainer,

    you have a huge advantage that you can really rake it in.

    It seems that you are unsure how to go

    about creating a space for yourself online.

    Build a list, reguarly send offers, and leverage by clickbanking.
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