anyone making money everyday from selling quality domain names?

by byp123
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Hi warriors,

I am a newbie to domain flipping and would like to ask if there is anyone currently flipping domain names for great profits on a daily basis?

My target is to make $30-$40 of profit for flipping a good high PR expired quality domain name on a daily basis.

However, I do not know what is the technique or method to find great high PR expired quality domain names on a daily basis and where to sell these domain names once I managed to get them...

Does anybody have any e-books or courses that they can suggest? I just want to follow someone who is already successful in making a living from flipping domain names...

appreciate any help, suggestions, advice on how I can be successful in flipping domain names.

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    To make money everyday flipping domain names you'll need a really big portfolio which means an investment before you start.
    I'm not sure if nowadays the way to make money with domains is to simply buy and sell them...
    Many people buy good domains and hold on to them, using the natural traffic that they get.
    You can use AdSense or anything else and depending on the domain you can make from $1 to$30 a day!
    If you have hundreds of different domains it is worth a while but again, you'll have to make an investment to buy a substential number of domains in the beginning, see which ones are making money, dump the ones that don't, rinse and repeat!
    As far as ebooks and other materials about it, I know there are different domain flipping forums - just google it!
    Good Luck
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    Exactly what Artflair said. To make great profit from domain flipping you need to carefully choose a domain which you think will be in great demand later.

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    art you answered my question too. thank you
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    thank you for the reply guys. appreciate all your comments and advice.

    have a great week ahead!

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    I just recently bought 2 domain names in the gaming niche

    1) Gameshotspot

    2) sierragamer

    I was surprised that those 2 domain names were available but i snapped them up quick, i know that domain names under 8 words are more desirable but you would be hard pressed these days to get a common word names under 8 syllables

    when i first started i knew nothing and picked very long domain names and fb-computerandla... etc etc ...

    BIG mistake! haha

    There are still some decent domain names out there you just have to be creative, pick genre's like everything outspace type names and say mix them with all animals

    ie: etc etc, or something like that ..that's how i do it in what ever niche i need the name for.

    its not easy but if you have a creative mind you can come up with all sorts of names never thought of as yet.
    Signature - TRY! my video game arcade, fun and its free - I have more addictive games than you can poke a stick at...
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    Originally Posted by teamcrunk View Post

    I use to sell domains on Ebay daily but ive stopped now
    Cool ! How much did you make? (If you don't mind my asking )
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