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Can anyone recommend any good kindle formatting software please?

In the past I have copied the Amazon instructions for formatting from Word but the formatting was never quite right.

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    I use Sigil to convert to .epub then Calibre to swap to .mobi.
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      Originally Posted by DianaHeuser View Post


      Do a search for Kinstant Formatter on Google. It does the job beautifully.

      It is a good and reliable Formatter. You can also outsource it for few bucks.
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    I used the one that Dave Guindon released (can't remember it's name off the top of my head) but to be honest the vast majority of my formatting is done in Open Office now, and have never encountered a problem.

    Give us more details about what isn't looking right and perhaps we can guide you in the right direction.
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    Amazon gives a free book called Building Your Book For Kindle. It explains step by step exactly how to format your Kindle book in Word. (Also works in Open Office.) Building Your Book for Kindle Building Your Book for Kindle eBook:...
    It was like falling off a log. I've followed it exactly and the results were perfect.

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    I use Microsoft Word and my results are super. Fancy formatting software is not necessary. Still, there are certain tricks for Kindle Fire that are awesome. However, then you cannot load the book on other platforms so I stay away from fire specific tricks and use word to create content that I turn into books for amazon. Please remember that you do not have on Kindle real pages like you do in a hard cover. Might be a good idea to think about that when creating an index for your pages.
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    Thanks all for the responses - very helpeful indeed.

    I had a complaint from one person who said it looked messy although this was some months ago - had nobody else complain. I had originally followed Amazon's detailed instructions as I thought that best, but was wondering whether software would help me.

    I need to make a couple of changes to my book anyway so I will check it on my own kindle afterwards to make sure it is ok.

    If any of you like sci-fi PM me and I will let you know the date for my free day for my book 20XX later on in the month. (also a kick up my butt to finish the second part of the story)
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    I also prefer Microsoft word for formatting.
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    Formatting various kinds of docs, like .DOC, .PDF, .HTML into Kindle can sometimes be a pain in the ***, actually it's a PITA *most of the time*. I haven't come across one single tool which does everything perfectly, especially from PDFs. There is always something which needs some manually tweaking so the ebook comes out right.

    I have best results with Adobe Acrobat or Abby Finereader for converting from PDFs. Or for WORD documents just save to HTML from Word.

    And then the final conversion I usually do in calibre. Sometimes I need to convert -> re-convert documents in various formats back and forth and then ultimately load and convert in calibre until it turns out right. Crazy stuff like converting DOC into PDF, then in HTML..then from HTML into .epub/.mobi

    Sigil itself I never see as really useful when editing an epub...I then rather extract the .EPUB (which is actually a ZIP archive) and then hand-edit the HTML with my HTML editor. Sigil is kind of weird.
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  • I'm writing my first scifi fiction book using Scrivener and it has a feature to export to Kindle you do have to download first from a link they give you which I did. The reason I use this software versus Word which I use for my non fiction ebooks is the story is complicated and I have scenes and people and ideas and stuff and now I can break it into smaller chunks. In any case I do like this option to convert to any platform including Kindle (PS: I don't own scrivener just a warrior sharing a tool i ran into)>
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