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I'm basically following the same business model as Steve Pavlina....give away lots of free stuff, build a giant following, and then monetize. Some may agree with that model, while others may not.

However, I'm not sure if the way I'm going about it is the most efficient way. I'm hesitant to put out any money for paid traffic just yet. What I've been doing though is making a high quality YouTube video every day (which obviously promotes and links to my website). I'm then posting that video on my Facebook fan page, which has the same name as my website (and also has a link to it as well).

Additionally, I have the link to my website in my forum sig for about 3 forums. I'm attempting to make a point to post at least 5 times per day on forums.

The videos that I make take a good bit of time, but I do my best to work on both promotional stuff and content creation. I work at this 7 days per week, and I typically spend 10 hours per day. 80% of my time goes towards creating quality videos and 20% goes towards promotion (Facebook commenting, forums, twitter, etc...). That may be backwards, but my thinking is that I can build my following more and more on YouTube as my collection of videos grows.

I've only really been at this for about 2 weeks now (making the videos and promoting). Prior to that, I spent about 3 months creating my website and completing my 5 eBooks. My idea was to first build a nice website that already had a decent amount of content on it (about 20 blog posts, some free eBooks, and some book that I sell)....That would be my "platform" which I started out with.

From there, I would start promoting and consistently cranking out fresh new content (my videos)....and that's where I'm at now.

I'm getting some views on my videos (about 10 per day); I have 8 subscribers, and I have 115 Facebook "likes" on my fan page. Google analytics tells me that I'm getting about 10 - 15 visitors to my site per day. It's not much, but as I said, I've only been at the "promotion stage" of this long-term project for about 2 weeks now.

Now my questions are:

- Aside from paid traffic, is there a more efficient way I should be going about this?

- What is a general time frame that I should expect such that I start actually seeing some results (lots more new people following me)?

- Any other advice? I'm obviously willing to put lots of time and work into this. I truly am both passionate about what in doing and dedicated to eventually making a sustainable income online.

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    I don't think doing paid traffic to a bunch of free training and gifts would be the best use of the paid traffic?

    I'm driving lots of paid traffic but only to a squeeze page to build the list. From there I monetize the list with affiliate products and traffic. Maybe you could think about doing that for yourself?

    I don't personally do a lot of free training and instead always monetize my list via the above methods. I guess I'm in that category of people who don't believe in giving away a lot of free stuff : )
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    If you're not already rich and you want to scale as big as possible, then you need to make money off your traffic along the way. The best way to do this, while still providing value, is to create a quality product for new subscribers/followers to purchase. That way you can ensure that you overdeliver and make people happy while still enabling you to reinvest off the profits and grow your audience.

    My 2 cents,

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    What are you giving away? What niche are you in?
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      Why would I want to follow you? What is unique that you are bringing to the table? I can get free crap all over the place.

      What are you giving me?

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    So why would i "follow you" just because you're giving out free stuff in some mystery niche. There's more to growing your list than simply giving away freebies...

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at

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    I'm in the music niche and I'm giving away free guitar lessons. My site is two-fold actually...a lot of it talks about how I quit my high-paying corporate 9 to 5 job as an engineer in order to pursue my passions which is to play live music, learn piano, and give guitar lessons. I wrote 6 eBooks about how I now earn a living, while still paying my mortgage....I'm not talking "make money online" crap either because I don't have experience in that. Rather, I talk about how I actually make enough money to pay my bills each month without the need of a job.

    I was blogging about it for a while, and I was looking to inspire people to do what I did. However, I realized that not many people are ballsy enough (or crazy enough )to do something like I did. Therefore, I left the "inspirational quit your 9 to 5 job" stuff, along with the eBooks as just a section of my website.

    Since I have 20 years of experience of playing guitar and understanding music theory, I've decided that I could just create LOTS if free guitar lesson videos (as an alternative to blog posts). In the matter of a year or so, I could have an abundance of great content in addition to all of the blog posts and eBooks that I already have.

    I know many other people give lessons, but mine are done in my own unique way, and I charge nothing. I know lots of people that want to learn guitar, and I'm learning from the guys on YouTube that are already doing the same thing, and are getting lots of views.

    So now that you all know my "niche" maybe you guys can help give me some suggestions as to how I may monetize....if y'all wouldn't mind . Thanks!
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    Awesome that you are doing lots of video!

    Have you considered doing quick smartphone camera videos of yourself talking?

    Not only are these just as effective at connecting with people and building a following, they take like 5 minutes to make.

    Many have built their entire business with just a crappy little camera that they got a hold of. Just a great way to get effective content out there that people will respond to.
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    Really? I judge content of products, based of quality of posts, grammar editing of video, I recently got a WSO and the guy took a phone call in the middle! the entire WSO looked as if it was put together in just hours... BUT his sales page and pitch video were spot on!
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      Originally Posted by Jesse Helms View Post

      Really? I judge content of products, based of quality of posts, grammar editing of video, I recently got a WSO and the guy took a phone call in the middle! the entire WSO looked as if it was put together in just hours... BUT his sales page and pitch video were spot on!
      Not sure if this was a reply to me, but its a good comment so I will respond to it

      I have found that the game is all about rapport, and that people are more interested in what you have to say than how cool the video looks. Being an effective verbal communicator instantly gives you a bit more credibility in the eyes of the person watching your video as well.

      And your right! How many WSOs have you seen where the videos looked like they were just thrown together?
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        What's your target audience? Newbies, hobbyists, serious wannabe pro musicians? Rock, blues, classical guitar?

        Start by honing in on that. You may have multiple correct answers, as I'm aware of many top rock guitarists with classical training, for example.

        Let's say you wanted to target the wannabe rock star.

        Find the sites/blogs/newsletters/etc. also targeting some facet of the music business. In addition to video lessons, start writing articles about different facets of "becoming a rock star". Dig into your 20 years of music theory and write about composition, writing lyrics, creating arrangements, and so on. You could convert the articles to podcasts/audios to give you another channel.

        You could even start doing performance videos, if you're good enough. I'm assuming you probably are if you're capable of creating a lesson a day. I just saw a blurb on the Google home page about the YouTube Music Awards. There's a current event with a natural tie-in.

        In a nutshell, go beyond just lesson videos in your content creation efforts, then try to place those efforts in front of the people most likely to respond to them. There are some really good threads about content syndication, for a starter course.
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    Check out your competitors for free guitar lessons on youtube and sites that sell lessons. You have to be better than all of them if you want to be the big fish in the pond.
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    my advice- keep working at it and try lots of things to get traffic-- but stay focused on this one idea. youve got to keep trying new stuff to find out what is effective, and then once you find something that is working- scale it.
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    Give me a good reason to get on your list, and I'll get on it.

    As far as traffic goes, I think you're doing great with YT vids and forum posting. The trick is to get really good at 2-3 of them (why not try SEO as well?). I'm no expert, that's just what I've heard resonating around the forum

    JR John
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    I think you are doing great offering video with valuable content. This is a video marketing age, so I would suggest to just keep focused on your goal. No one person can say what you are doing will not produce the results you seek. Just take consistent daily action and the results will speak for themselves.

    All the best
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    Originally Posted by Bkelly301 View Post

    I'm not sure if the way I'm going about it is the most efficient way.

    Well, you've been at this for 3 months + 2 weeks so far. How is it working out for you? You have 8 subscribers, and no sales yet?

    If I were asked to judge your business model, I would say it's not working all that well up to this point.:rolleyes:

    Here are four changes I would make:
    1. Earn as you learn. I know you want to have the perfect site ready when prospects come calling . . . but usually those people who follow this path burn out, are never satisfied with their site, or they get frustrated because they're not making money and move on to something else.
    2. Implement a traffic generating system that allows you to cover your costs at the same time you're building your list.
    3. Don't focus on giving away freebies - instead try to focus on finding prospects will to spend money for what you offer.
    4. Implement ways to leverage your time and effort. Working hard and long is great, but it's generally not very efficient (which is what you asked about). Get other people involved in building your business (and no, I'm not talking specifically about affiliates.)
    What you've chosen to do so far is the easy part of starting a business. You need to focus on learning the hard part - - - -> getting targeted traffic, converting that traffic to buyers, and doing it over and over and over again.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Thanks for all the suggestions y'all. As I said, aside from my cheap eBooks... My "business model" currently is to get traffic and then make money through advertising and affiliate sales (to my list which I have only 60 people on right now)....I need the traffic first!

    That's of course unless there's some other way to earn money now with a cool site without much traffic. Should I have a lot more followers after just a few weeks? This is mostly directed towards Steve, because I'm not sure where I'd even start.
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    The easiest way to build a large following: widespread corruption!
    Free Special Report on Mindset - Level Up with Positive Thinking
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