New domain endings. What does it mean for the market?

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Yesterday I finally decided to try this domain flipping thing. Bought a couple already, but now noticed, that soon the net will be flooded with new domain endings like .app, .shop and so on. So what does it mean for the domain market? Is it even worth buying .com domains now? Thanks
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    Ultimately I think the majority of people will still want .com domains, especially over the next few years until consumers get used to using .whatever
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    I still believe people are still going to buy the .COM extension because it has been around for so long that people associate a good site with that domain. Buying the new domains that are about to launch and flipping them might be a good short-term strategy because a lot of people probably want to experiment with them.


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    Originally Posted by empirrr View Post

    So what does it mean for the domain market?
    Nobody can answer this with complete confidence.

    My suspicion is that the short- and medium-term difference it will make to those of us who regularly buy and sell domain-names for profit will be absolutely minimal, and that for the foreseeable future (just as in the past) more or less only ".com" names will be worth looking at, talking about and dealing in.

    (The only times I've ever bought/sold other extensions have been in a package with the .com, and I'm not convinced that even those have really been worth bothering with.)

    Originally Posted by empirrr View Post

    Is it even worth buying .com domains now?
    I hope that isn't intended to be a serious question ...
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    I believe that .com domains will still be around because its what the majority are used to. Even the young are being brought into a technology age are used to .com domains. So I think it will still be profitable to buy .com's.

    All the best
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    I guess the value right now could be with the short, good sounding brand names. Will buy a couple and sit on them. The buyers always will want .com with those. The value of 2-3 word domains I think will drop. For example, someone is trying to sell, but the potential buyer chooses
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    The extension does not really mean anything.

    Naturally, we still prefer the .com but i have bought lots of org and net for various purposes, it doesn't really matter so long as it fits my criteria.
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    It doesn't really mean anything for the domain market. These new TLD's are primarily targeted at businesses as a way for registrars to make more money. Actual webmasters and people "in the know" realize that it's always best to have the .COM TLD because it's the easiest for people to remember. But companies like 1&1 (just look at their website) are attempting to convince business owners that all these new TLD's are a good investment, when in reality, they're not.
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    In the long run it all depends on effective marketing.....

    is irrelevant in my eyes. Are you worried about new domain extensions will hurt your search engine results? There are so many other ways to get traffic.... my favorite being paid advertising. Focus on direct marketing, and directly driving people to your web pages. One example being email marketing.
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    New domain extensions can only be a good thing in the long run.

    More is better.
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