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Hi Warriors.

I have been reading the forum for the past few days, just want to say hello and ask some questions.

I saw that all of you have products here, and mainly these products are for making money online.

Why i'm not reading about some other kind of products?.

Right now i'm writing my own eBook and is nothing about making money, is a complete course in an area that I have experience and think that might be a great book.

How many of you have these kind of products?

It's great to be here with all of you and hope we can be friends.


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    Hi Guillermo,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I cannot speak on behalf of everyone....but a good bit of the
    marketers here have products specific to various niche markets.
    Not just the Internet Marketing Niche.

    Good Luck to you
    New Product Launches, Affiliate Marketplace

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      Thanks Sean for your response and wishes.

      Now I have more questions for everyone.

      1.- Which hosting service is better?
      2.- How many Gigabytes (transfer) does a good product launch have?

      Thanks in advance to all.
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        Have a look at Hostgator.

        They seem to be popular.
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          Welcome to the forum. This forum is for Internet marketers. But there is a section dedicated to inspiration. Over there you can find some other materials.
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            Hi Guillermo,

            Not everyone here has their own product, and not everyone is promoting a make money online product.

            That being said, the principles of marketing can be used for every niche.

            Lets say you are writing an ebook on shoes. You will need to figure out what kind of website you want to put together for this, be it a cms or something from scratch.

            You will probably want to make a squeeze page, an opt-in list, and do some keyword research.

            You will need to figure out the best places to market your product and where to find your target audience.

            All of these things and many more apply to every niche. You can ask about every detail and most certainly get feedback from anyone in here on it - and most of them will have a clue as to what they are talking about or will have some experience to share that will translate to the product you are selling.

            When choosing a host, I recommend you google for hosting reviews first. Then, when you think there is one you want to try, google to see if there is a coupon for that hosting company. Be sure to find one with phone support if you don't know what you are doing. Also look for money back policy if you are not happy.

            I personally use hostmonster. They have a one click install of wordpress, bulletin boards, joomla, etc with the use of simple scripts. They have a special right now as well.

            "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    It depends on the peoples niche and a lot of people are trying to find a way to make money and I.M.s are doing what they can to capitalize on that.

    I don't sell products that talk about making money, I sell products that make money.

    I have a new product coming out this week that I think not everyone but very many can benefit from keep a look out for it.

    Have a great week
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    Originally Posted by bartlock View Post

    Hi Warriors.
    I saw that all of you have products here, and mainly these products are for making money online.

    Why i'm not reading about some other kind of products?.
    A large concentration of what you see here is specifically about making money online because this is a forum about internet marketing. The single most common factor between all the marketers that come here is that they are in some way involved in internet marketing.

    As a result it is very commonplace to see a lot revolving specifically around the internet marketing niche. However, most if not all of us have some products outside the 'make money online' niche. Some of us even have no products IN that niche.

    There is a lot of information to be found here. So please feel free to learn as much as you want. If you have questions, please ask. We'll be happy to help. That being said, don't overlook the power of using the site's search function as well.

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    (We all need a break from what we do for a living. I thought it was time my signature got a break too)

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