Can I Sell my Udemy Course as WSO with a coupon code?

by hajdha
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Hi warriors,

I just need to know, if it's possible or not, to sell my product as WSO, while it's hosted and the payment is done by,

And as it's a WSO I will post a coupon code so that Warriors can purchase with a special price.

Thank you
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    I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't (not that it's my decision, of course!). It's up to advertisers to arrange their own payments methods. I've seen people using ClickBank before, so why not Udemy?

    If you're offering a discount for Warriors, nobody can say it's not a "special offer".

    It's easy enough to find out, anyway: submit it and see whether it gets approved. You don't have to pay the $40 until it's been approved.
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    Oh, so that's great if I don't have to pay until it gets approved

    Great thanks Alexa
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    I am asking Alexa, because I haven't seen anyone selling a WSO this way, so you don't know if the admins will approve it or not, for some reason,

    Thank you for the links
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      No, I haven't seen one, either. (But I've seen ClickBank used, as I said, and on those grounds I don't see reasons for anyone to object in principle). I'm only guessing, but I think that's probably all we can do, here? "Submit it and see", I say. And good luck!
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        Hi hajdha,

        Yes, you can.

        What I did on one of my WSOs, I posted the Coupon Code on a "Thank You page" on my site so that, as soon as the customer pays, they are taken to the Thank You page which contains the FREE coupon code link.

        They click that link which takes them to Udemy and gives them my course for free.

        You just need to explain that you are using Udemy to fulfill your course because it is a great way to learn and that, since they just paid, that's why they are getting the "free" link.

        I would name the link something like: /PreferredCustomerFree

        You can also just include the free link in your autoresponder email, as well. (add the same explanation)

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  • I was actually thinking about this myself, maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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    It might get approved as a WSO but does Udemy have rules about selling courses via outside sources? It might not matter, just something to consider.
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    Yes, it can be done with a WSO exactly as Dave mentioned earlier.

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      I totaly agree!

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