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I am starting my own online business but need some help on email marketing and list building. Does any one know of a good course and tell why you would recommend it. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Patricia H
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    You might want to check the product reviews section of the forum.
    Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings

    Or do a search on the forum for "email marketing" and see what comes up. You may find a WSO course, like this one: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...ke-flight.html
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    I will recommend to use the "Search" function of this amazing Warrior Forum...There is tons of valuable information available.

    Best of Luck!
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    List building is not very difficult, but there are some thing you need to understand, I've watch a video on YT which is really very good and explains everything about listbuilding.
    Good Luck.
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    Neil Patel of Quicksprout offers the most comprehensive paid and free courses in all of digital marketing. His reputation speaks for itself.
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    You are already in the right place for that my friend.

    You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding those
    king of products here.

    It all depends on your level of experience though I suppose.

    If you are a complete newcomer then you'll need to read the
    sales pages carefully before you buy to make sure that the
    training covers the basics also so you understand how everything
    works and don't get lost.

    Getting lost, confused & overwhelmed are some of the killers to
    ones spirit when it comes to building a highly responsive email
    list of targeted subscribers.

    All the best
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    The forum is full of gold!

    Just search the WSO's and read the review to sort through the crap.

    That's where I've gotten my education.
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    Thank You everyone for your help I really appreciate it. I will check out the forum for more information.

    Patricia H
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    Aweber gives you email marketing lessons. Follow their blog.

    You have to read a lot to really understand how it works. It’s not merely a matter to send messages to your subscribers hoping that they will buy your products. You have to write the right messages, with an appealing title, and a lot more.

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    Building a list is just a matter of creatively finding ways to send traffic to a lead capture page.

    As far as email marketing is concerned (actually sending out emails to your list)

    The best initial training you can get is probly a 50 cent copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" from a thrift store.

    Just start sending an email every day to your list and apply the concepts in that book...and just practice communicating your message, whatever that is.

    Are there super ninja copywriting secrets that you can learn down the road that other people are using?

    Of course.

    But don't let anybody intimidate you out of getting started NOW by telling you that its "complicated" and "hard" and whatever.

    Somebody else founding something "hard" has nothing to do with you...

    You'll mess up at first but once you actually have a list and are getting optins you are ahead most of the people out there "dabbling" in email marketing.

    Don't dabble, decide...and believe that its going to work 1000% no matter how many times you have to tweak and change things.
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