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I setup Sendy earlier today with Amazon SES (an alternative to Aweber, Get Response, etc.) and submitted a request for a production increase to release my account from sandbox mode. I figure setting this up as a newbie is a good thing because it will be an economical and efficient way to run my lists.

Later today I got an email response -use case DENIED.

I'm hoping I can resubmit and get it approved but I'm looking for some help. How do I describe my use of the service so that they'll approve the request? I'm not a spammer. I've never been a spammer and I have no intentions of ever spamming. My intention is to provide value to my subscribers with the best of what I learn in my business to help them in theirs.

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    Mailchimp has a free service that people seem to like, and aweber is about 20 dollars a month. I don't know about SES, but if they won't let you use the service it isn't very economical. I don't really know what you're sending but if its not spammy, then perhaps another service might be your best bet.

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