Help with Freebies versus Regular site content.

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Can you help me figure out what is the difference between the Freebies I give out to people who sign into my email list versus regular content I post on my site(guides,videos,tip and tricks and etc).

Both of them seem really identical to me but still I need to make my freebies something special that will draw people in. Still, I dont want to give out my "Special Stuff" and then put something really familiar on my site.

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    It's simply that you're adding value.

    Typically the freebies could be something like a collection of posts put into a PDF, in which case it would be exactly the same thing.

    The key is the value that you offer.

    Martin Platt

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    Try to post something interesting but not everything on your site. Make it interesting like when someone reads or watches it they will end up looking for more. Then try to place the continuation or the in depth of the topics/tips/guides on the email that you will send out to your list.


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    If you give enough value up front on your site people WILL join your list anyway. And it will be people that REALLY want to be on your list (the best type of people to have) rather than people who just saw something for free.
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    I think the difference lies in the presentation. The content on your website does not disclose anything in detail, it just gives general information. The freebies should be the link between the content on your site and the products you are selling, they should answer an immediate need and stir the appetite for the actual products.
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