Google Chrome Beta is Really FAST!

by Terry Kyle 8 replies
Apart from anything else, Google Chrome - Beta Download now available - is WAY faster at loading pages than IE or Firefox.

At least on my machine anyway.

Its IM implications will take much longer to uncover.
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    have you got a link for it?
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      • I installed it,

        But probably wont use it! Atleast until
        Roboform has a plugin for it!

        It looks naked...

        Take Care,

        Michael Silvester
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        "And So It Begins"
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          I've been using it for about two hours now, and it really is super-fast. I sure do miss my Roboform toolbar, though -- I have hundreds of logins / passwords stored in it, and there's no way I can remember all of them...

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            I have actually been very impressed with Googles browser, I am actually using it as I type this. It is much faster than FireFox and IE but then again IE is very bloated with it's internal HTML engine and FireFox is pretty fast in general but I do have it overloaded with extensions.

            I am going to give it a few days to see how I take to it. My wife is a big Safari fan (on the Mac) and since they bundled that on the PC's ITunes upgrade I tried it too. I was very unimpressed with it compared to FireFox but this extra boost of speed makes up for some of the functionality shortcomings I am seeing so far.
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              I am using it right now and am loving it!

              My only complaint is there is no Ad Block extension for it yet. It's been 2 years since I have seen banner ads on my favorite sites and now I see them when using Chrome.

              Email me with your traffic questions: NicksTrafficTricks [at]

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                umm, don't know about everybody else...

                But it's not always the best decision to download the first version of anything!

                May be google is an exception to this, but I prefer to let things settle first...
                then I get onboard to see what they have.

                My $0.02
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