Why my website loads so slowly?

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I am using WordPress for my website. I have no idea why my website load so slowly. Anyone have any ideas?

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    How many plugins are you using? That's one of the more obvious reasons with WP installs.


    Originally Posted by info126 View Post


    I am using WordPress for my website. I have no idea why my website load so slowly. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Who you host with?

    Like above You could have too man or damaged plugins or a broken theme.

    I installed a theme awhile back and my site run so slow but worked perfect once i changed theme
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    You need to give us more details because it could be a number of reasons why. It could be your host, plugins, slow theme, a bunch of images on the front page, etc. However, I do suggest you install the w3 total cache plugin and enable the following with default settings:
    -page cache
    -datbase cache
    -object cache
    -browser cache

    Hope this helps
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    Originally Posted by info126 View Post


    I am using WordPress for my website. I have no idea why my website load so slowly. Anyone have any ideas?

    Just had a look at your website and I can tell you exactly why ... oh wait no I didnt and no I cant .. because you didnt bother to link the the site your asking about. Hmmm....
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    Any number of reasons ... plugins - images - links etc. can all play their part in slowing your site down.

    I am not qualified to advise you other than that.
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    There are some factors that causes low loading speed of your site,

    Hosting errors
    Too many Plugins
    Too many Images
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    Turn off all your plugins and see if the problem is resolved. If so, turn them back on one at a time until you find your culprit. I'd bet that's the problem!
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    How many plugins you are using? start with optimizing images, delete those plugins that you really don't require,deactivate all plugins and activate one by one and test the speed for each so that you can get an idea which plugin causes a slowing down.
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    I would recommend-
    1)Good host
    2) minimum Worpress plugins & Disable Unused Plugins
    3) Use Pingdom Tool & pinpoint whats wrong
    4) Use content delivery network if required
    5) Optimize images - Use JPG’s Instead of PNG’s
    6) Optimize your WordPress database
    7) Disable hotlinking
    8) Add an expires header to static resources
    9) Adjust Gravatar images
    10) Add LazyLoad to your images
    11) Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
    12) Replace PHP with static HTML
    13) Delete Spam comments
    14) Delete Post revisions
    15) Use a caching plugin- WP Super Cache
    16) Optimizing CSS, Java scripts etc & Localize External Files Whenever Possible

    Hope it will help....
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    You should post your site here so people can at least take a look and give you targeted recommendations (to an extent). Beyond that, it's going to be very difficult to throw in suggestions unless we have some more info. I don't want to reiterate what most people have already said (plugins, hosting, etc). Variety of factors here.
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    It's hard to see the source of your problem if you haven't posted any other details. There may be multiples reasons why your website runs so slowly...
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    Disable non-essential plugins and check the graphics on your site. If possible, make all of your graphics "JPG" format. This is a compressed file format, but if you use Photoshop, you can render a high quality JPG image, all while keeping file size down.
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    Originally Posted by info126 View Post


    I am using WordPress for my website. I have no idea why my website load so slowly. Anyone have any ideas?

    because you have too many plugins install, you have many images, your site is hosted on a bad hosting provider and many others reasons.
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    This is just one reason why I don't like wordpress. I loaded wordpress just the other day with a theme and 5 plugins and then looked at the source code for the page. There was almost 2,000 lines of code loading all kinds of css files and javascript files. This was before any html code appeared for the body of the content area appeared, which had no content other than examples from the theme.

    Every time I look at any wordpress site it always loads much slower than an plain html site.

    I would imagine that for each plugin you add to the site will slow your loading down even more.

    All the code for each plugin is added to every page no matter if you need the plugin for that specific page or not.

    When I first started to program back in 1994, hard drive storage was very limited, My best computer only had a 40 meg hard drive. Programmers had to be very careful on how they designed a piece of software so it did not take up much hard drive capacity.

    Now storage is cheap and programmers don't worry about the amount of code they add and the structure of a script.

    So almost all scripts (plugins) are much bulkier than necessary which can cause other problems like slower load time. Compound this with many plugins and the slower your site will load.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Typically, it is using too many plug in programs. Hey, I prefer to use common HTML as it does not rely on an often poorly optimized MYSQL database and so uses less server resources. Certain web hosting companies... I think you know which ones. Well, they over stuff the servers. Yeah, that is to save money. That causes even HTML pages to load super S-L-O-W, but we need to first identify the culprit so here is a question for you.

    Do your HTML pages load fast, or are they also very S-L-O-W?
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    WordPress JETPACK loads ALOT of javascript... i would avoid JetPack if you have it installed.

    The biggest enemies are:

    1. Your site is not using a CACHE plugin -- WP Super Cache for example.

    2. Your site has huge images, and a lot of them.

    3. If your site NEEDS to have a bunch of images, then you should consider using a CDN -- MAX CDN or CloudFlare (which is free)

    You can also use WP Engine to host -- which sets up the CDN and Cache for you. WPEngine has a lot of other nice features, but it's a definite premium -- $30/month for 1 site... with NO SSL -- if you want SSL it's $100 / month -- but you can host up to 10 sites.

    I recently migrated a site from a free host to WPEngine, the pingdom score went from 66 to 74 and shaved 1 full second off the page load -- just by moving to WP Engine, with no other optimization.
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    Website Speed can be affected by many reasons, due to your incomplete post it's hard to tell you the which one. But all the below things can slow your website.

    1. Your Server Response Time is high.
    2. You're using too many websites in a small Shared Hosting (related to above one)
    3. You're using too many Plugins which output CSS, JS Files or takes much time to process.

    4. You're using non-optimized Images in your website.
    5. You're not using any Caching Plugin. I recommend WP Super Cache.
    6. Your Theme is outputting large number of CSS and JS Files.

    7. Your Theme is using so many Fancy things such as Animations, JQuery tricks etc.
    8. Your CSS, JS & HTML haven't minified.
    9. Your website is not using Gzip Compression.

    And there are many other reasons too, but mentioning each and every one will not help you. I'm providing Website Speed Service where I guarantee less than 1second Loading Time on Pingdom Testing Tool. If you're interested, just PM me.

    Best Wishes,
    Shyam Chathuranga.
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    How big are your pictures? What about your Internet connection? These could be potential causes and you can have them checked out really fast and simple.
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    For me the cause is usually not very high quality hosting.
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    delete any extra plugins, widget, extra content in your media library that you are not using
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    Originally Posted by info126 View Post


    I am using WordPress for my website. I have no idea why my website load so slowly. Anyone have any ideas?

    Try running your site through something like webpagetest.org or Pingdom to test & it will show you recommendations and/or a waterfall of problematic areas.

    Note: You could also have performance issues if you're on shared hosting, since you would be sharing resources on the same server.
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