New Here, Where should I start?

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as you can see in the title, im pretty new here and know absolutely nothing about making money on the net.

I want to pick a method to start with and learn everything I can about it.

Im leaning toward Lead Generation.

What do you guys think about this. Am I heading in the wrong direction?
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    @Madshark - If you learn everything you can about list building and implement what you learn, then your time will be well invested. And it doesn't matter if you just want to be an affiliate marketer or become a product vendor (or both), you will be on the right track.
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      Also called "list building". Yes you are starting in the right direction.

      Is a very important aspect of an online business and i suggest you to start from there.
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    Best place to start is not to ask "where do I start" .. there are so many of those threads that most people wont take the time to really answer. However Ill give you a tip: Literally everything you need to know is right here on the WF. So start reading.
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    Start by making up you mind what you are willing to do every day, for a very long time from now on, before any serious money starts coming in. You have to find something to stick to, preferably a niche or something you have a unique advantage in, such as information or experience.
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      List building is right way. Just try to get buyers List. If possible create freebies with valuable content . If you are not good at it, just let someone else do it for you. the best is, if you can get buyers on your list. It is better to give subscribers valuable information in regular bases. And promote not to much, but really good product. They will trust you and they will feel that you are a good expert. It is also imprtent to build a freindly relationship with them .
      cou can also go trough a lot of thread on WF to learn
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    I recommend you to find a good niche then build a list and use an affiliate program like clickbank, the more email address you have, the more money you will make.
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    1.)Create a plan, keep it simple and focused.

    2.)Stick to the plan, do not quit.

    3.)If it works, keep on doing it even more if you can(scale up).

    4.)It it doesn't work, throw it away fast.

    Sounds so easy but discipline is not for many.

    I like to work in small projects where I'll decide exactly what I'm going to do and Fail Fast.

    Create something with longevity that you can sell one day.
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    Choosing to start with list building is a good idea.

    Its getting harder and harder to make any money at all by just sending traffic straight to an offer expecting them to buy on the spot.

    Build a list and you will have the ability to build rapport with the people on it, which is going to give you more opportunities to sell your product or service.

    I started with just a blog and a smartphone camera, and that is the best way to go if you don't have an advertising budget.

    Make a new video blog post every day, have a call to action to opt in to your list, and just hustle to get your blog posts in front of new people every day.

    Of course you should also go study extremely hard and seek out new information and mentors so that you will continue to develop your marketing skillset....

    ...however don't let not knowing everything right now stop you from getting started right away

    I wish you the best!
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