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Hello Warriors..

I have seen many warriors and newbie are so confused:confused: in this internet marketing world and affiliate marketing world that they are totally lost of mind. After so many products of training are there still people get confused:confused: WHAT TO DO?

My advice to those people who are still struggling on internet to start a business online or want to do on affiliate marketing, first of all Relax and take a deep breath .

Relax and enjoy, this internet will make you mad or more confuse.

First of all you have to learn the basic of internet marketing, what is exactly the basic of the internet marketing.

You have to have your own Website. This is the first most important thing, you need to learn yourself so it will give you strong understanding of starting a business online. This will give full control and no one will take it from you.

Next task is to have your blog on your own name or business name and keep on branding that, keep on writing useful articles everyday so it will help others everyone..

To become Rick, you have to solve enough number of people problems then you become rich.

So here in my message is that start learning the basic internet marketing and create your own base in this internet marketing world.

I still feel sad and bad why still people so confused in this internet marketing world don't even know where to start it.

I hope this helped you...

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    Yes, branding is important, but it's also important to get quick feedback.

    On that basis I would be concentrating on building a list through a website.
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    Being a newbie can be more than confusing, it can be scary. They say you only know how little you know about something after you have started learning anything at all. That is the point when you understand just how much you have left to learn. In a way, the fact that there are is so much information out there, gets you confused. You never know where to start and, once you do, you do not know where to continue.
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    here are 2 great sources to anyone who wants a solid start on things that really work.

    The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

    Online Marketing Training by Quick Sprout University

    The first is written content and the next is video depending on what you prefer
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    Every person who is new to this stuff needs to go get the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and read and study it every single day.

    Master what is in that book and this internet marketing stuff will become a cinch.

    "Success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics"
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    Motivating! Thanks!
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    Yes Think And Grow Rich is excellent!

    Really you need an OPPORTUNITY followed by a lot of HARD WORK.
    ÖŽ FindABlog: Find blogs to comment on, guest posting opportunities and more ÖŽ

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    after all the above steps, listing is a must ... sending campaigns is a must. keeping update all your subscribers is a must
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