Illegal URL redirection problems

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Hi all,

If you don't mind, I will be concise (URLs used here are made up):
  • I have a website
  • Someone buys a domain, and directly points it to my website
  • When someone types in their browser, they immediately arrive at my site ->
  • Google now sees crappy backlinks for as my own backlinks for
  • My site gets burned for having crappy backlinks.

I tried contacting their hosting provider, and their provided contact address, but no reply. I am googling for several days now about this problem, but none solution so far.

Anyone has any suggestions? Apologies if I missed key information somewhere.

Thank you in advance.
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    I don't think there is a technical solution to this as your server would see the 301 as a regular client request. Have you tried contacting the domain registrar? Not sure if you could maybe do something with a DMCA request too?

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    Surely Google are going to give up on all the negative SEO soon. Its just so easy to screw people over. I'd contact Google, maybe its a new black hat tactic they need to take a look at.
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    You'd think after all the updates that kind of link would no longer have any negative juice.
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