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just need some advice, we are a based in the uk.

My website is www.yellow-taxi.co.uk if someone by mistake was to type in

http://www.yellow-taxis.com it redirects to one of my competitiors who do not at any point share our brand.

Is their any take down notice etc etc that I would do?


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    Have you thought about seeking professional legal advice before you make claims against a competitor? I believe that should be your first task. Just because another business puts up a site with a similar domain name ... you would do well to understand the legal basis of your proposed claim.


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      Taxi Wars!

      If you have any evidence that your competitors are trying to exploit your domain name, you can talk to a lawyer, but I wouldn't hold out much hope, unless you can find someone with the relevant online legal expertise.

      What I find strange is that the other firm appears to have targeted the domain: yellow-taxis.com, yet yellow-taxi.com is currently available ($380 from Sedo). If I were you, I'd snap that domain up immediately. It's never a good idea to build a brand around a domain name when you don't own the .com version - even if you're based in the UK.

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    I highly doubt it. Yellow Taxi isnt something I can see being brand able. The taxi business is wide spread and a large number of them are yellow. Im not a lawyer and I dont play one on TV, but it seems to me that your competitor is doing nothing wrong.
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    Sounds like an uphill battle to me. Will also cost you an arm and a leg with no guaranteed outcome. Instead, I would focus on using the same tactics against my competitor/s that they are using on me. I think you could easily combat this if you get creative. Good luck!

    i guess this is where i tell everyone i have a blog, among other things - www.parkerfarington.com

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    This is something that happens very often on the Internet and there is not much you can do. And not only Internet...
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