Is subject line an big factor to consider to avoid spam filters?

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Hi all,

I have recently wrote a subject line

[The biggest cock I've ever seen]

and someone asked if that subject line will trigger spam filter

I am not sure about this but I felt that there are many factors that will trigger spam filters and subject line is just one of it.

Besides, I am sending the email to those who opted in to my mailing list. Not unsolicited email blast.

What are your thoughts?
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    my thoughts are so messed up that you probably wouldn't care to hear them.

    However - from a spam filter point of view - COCK is probably a trigger word, and using it with "biggest" is surely a deal killer

    just my thoughts - and might I suggest a different niche? Maybe you could go after a bit bigger market... just "THE BIGGEST".

    Then you could do the biggest cars, trucks, bulldozers, jets, yachts, etc - etc - get it?
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    interesting conversation here
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    Actually, the reason I use that as my subject line is for 'shock' purpose. I am writing to promote my coaching workshop.

    Of coz, the whole email wasn't offensive. But someone raised a valid question and I thought I might find an answer here.

    I am using mailchimp to deliver the email. Not sure if deliverability will be affected
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      Yes it is. With that subject line I think you will end up in the spam box almost 100% guaranteed.

      What is your coaching program about? The shock effect you are looking for may fail lamentably depending on what your subscribers expect from you.

      Aweber is the best as far as email deliverability rates are concerned.

      Hope his helps.
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    I'm not a tech geek but I don't think that will trigger the spam filters at all. That's a kind of subject line a girl would use to send an email to her friend after having sex with a guy who has a big cock so there's nothing wrong with that, use it
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