5 Terrible Lessons That 'My Latest WSO' Taught Me

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My latest WSO a disaster; more than 30 days of hard work yielded nothing. After this shocking event, my team and myself sit together and drawn the following conclusions.

Here is what we have figured out;
  1. Repeated postponements of launch dates in the name of perfection.
  2. Not informed to the affiliates and my list members about the postponement.
  3. Not having a big list to get initial sales to build the traction.
  4. In essence, we have paid 99% of attention on product creation that affected our marketing efforts.
  5. Whether the product not meeting the market requirements or the quality is not up to the mark?
After the review the following thought pained me a lot.
"Are there any missing pieces that need to be identified before proceeding any further?"

Immediately I thought that posting it in Facebook sharing about my debacle so that it elicits some response that would be helpful to me. I have contacted few warriors with whom I have some interaction earlier.

Following are the responses;

"You might want to include a step-by-step guide with details and pictures showing how to use the content to make it idiot-proof." -Christian Little

"The product you're selling is for people who are already in the dating niche. The vast majority of people buying WSOs are in NO NICHE at all. They're looking for that all-in-one, done-for-you, here's what the page should look like, here's where you get the traffic, this is what the emails should say, just copy and paste "solution"." -James Foster

"Your headline and title are confusing. There is a huge amount of traffic in the Warrior Forum, but also a huge amount of products. Your thread title/headline has to immediately grab interest and make them click through, and then your sales page has to explain why they need this product." -Karen Barr

"You couldn't pay enough money to gain the lessons this experience taught you. The main thing to internalize is a.) What went wrong b.) Putting in place a schedule to ensure that doesn't happen the next launch c.) Making greatness happen." -Barb Ling

"At a glance it's hard to know what the product is --> Maybe look at repositioning the product, getting some affiliates on board and re-launching in a little while." -Jeff Pettit

"You should have intimated as many people as possible way in advance.You should check out wp-affiliatebuilder . Not sure why you thought the warrior forum would be an ideal audience for this product?" -Omar Martin

"Actually the very worst thing you can do is put all your effort into the product and nothing into the selling. Successful marketers put 90% into the selling and 10% into the product (mostly because they outsource it). It's a very bad sales letter IMO. You haven't identified your target audience. Much, much better to have pitched it as...." -JPaston

"Your best bet would be to seek out the advice of a competitor to be honest." -TiffanyLambert

Five terrible lessons I have learned:

1) . Don't post pone launch dates to the extent possible:
  • I have repeatedly postponed the launch of my WSO with the intention of bringing out a quality product. In other words, I'm trying to check, recheck, improve and so on and so forth.
  • I'll be more careful while planning my product creation so that the need for postponement can be eliminated.
  • My action plan: I have determined not to postpone on my next WSO launch. The reason for sharing this feeling is to feel myself more responsible.
2). Stay in touch with affiliates and list members:
  • I think this is a major blunder I have committed as I have fully embraced in product creation. This factor alone caused a major damage.
  • My action plan: Now I'm dedicating 50% of my time on marketing and I'm seeing a very good response for my efforts.
3. Focus on list building:
  • I have been listening this for the last two years and however not paying enough attention to this crucial element of marketing.
  • My action plan: Efforts on creating a early bird list to my next WSO.
4. Identifying the targeted audience before creating the WSO:
  • Of course this is a fundamental element in marketing but when it comes to execution somehow we miss it. This aspect needs even more fine-tuning to ensure success.
  • My action plan: Planning to tweak, reposition and re-launch of my WSO.
5). Creating title and headline keeping the suggestion given by Karen barr

  1. The purpose of sharing this story is to tell my fellow Warriors that we are all prone to committing mistakes while pursuing our dreams. And who should not be engulfed by fear and shame as comforted by Barb Ling.
  2. It is to challenge myself and at the same time inspire my fellow marketers. Hopefully, this experience will be useful to many Warriors who are on the path of info product creation.
  3. I welcome contributions from experienced Warriors and that will add even more value to this thread.
- Praveen Ben
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    You should do step 4 before doing anything, even creating the product you want to sell. After that, planing is a MUST step. After that, try to make it scalable, because you don't know if you will sell 5 or 500 units or make it exclusive. Don't create a sell topic before finishing the product 100%.
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    Your doing great things already.

    Here's why:

    1) You ran into a problem, analyzed it and went on to seek help
    2) You ran this problem through other professionals to further receive their advice
    3) You've pinpointed the issue at hand and created an action plan to overcome it.

    You my friend are on your way

    Even though you feel as if you failed... You didn't.

    Let me explain.

    Your 100% more successful than anyone thinking about launching a WSO.

    Here's what I mean.

    99% of the people on this forum will NEVER take action.


    But you did.

    Even though things didn't go as smooth as you thought, you still took the initiative.

    And the knowledge you gained through this experience, will make you a better marketer and business owner.

    "An Amazing Product Is The Result Of Many Bad Prototypes"
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      I don't know about the lessons you mention, but it seems to me that you promoted a very specific product to a very untargeted audience. That almost never results in a profit explosion.
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    The other thing you need to consider is your involvement in the Warrior Forum. If you used your own account to post the WSO (and not a partner's account) then many people simply won't even read your sales thread. Too many people have been burned by bogus WSOs from members who have barely contributed to the forum according to post count. There have been some fantastic WSOs by people who have a low post count but they are far and few between.


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      Originally Posted by marketingva View Post

      The other thing you need to consider is your involvement in the Warrior Forum. If you used your own account to post the WSO (and not a partner's account) then many people simply won't even read your sales thread. Too many people have been burned by bogus WSOs from members who have barely contributed to the forum according to post count. There have been some fantastic WSOs by people who have a low post count but they are far and few between.

      Hi Bonnie, I take your advice for myself as I am someone who has posted sparingly. Since I live in Bolivia I just don't seem to flow in English like before and that makes it awkward for me to comment. One thing I noticed was that even though he only made 33 posts, he was thanked 101 times for 9 of those posts so if I am understanding correctly the number of times he was thanked, then it seems he made some very good posts in the few times.
      Posts: 33
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      Thanked 101 Times in 9 Posts
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    Hi Praveen,
    I admire your courage very much.
    You are learning from your mistakes while taking action. - That is very important.
    Best of luck.
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      Bonnie noticed the same thing I did:

      I look at your profile and post history and what I see is someone who is ONLY here to sell products to the WF members.

      Every thread is a WSO - every post is in a WSO thread. You have not engaged in any way with members here except to sell to them.

      There's no requirement that you participate in other forum sections but it helps to build recognition and a reputation for someone with knowledge to share.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    Great example of: "There's no such thing as failure, only feedback."

    Thanks Praveen. : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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