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Can you be successful with a Weebly generated site with your own domain?
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    I don't recommend you weebly, i recommend you to use wordpress for your domain, it looks more professional and the design are good
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    Weebly is just a watered down version of Wordpress.

    On the bright side, their interface and learning curve is much simpler than Wordpress.

    If you're not very tech savvy and want a basic blog, then Weebly would be just fine for you.

    If you're someone wanting to build a sustainable business, then go Wordpress.
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    Originally Posted by Nicheguybob View Post

    Can you be successful with a Weebly generated site with your own domain?
    Yes, of course you can. Why not?

    Where you host a site, and from what CMS you make it, have incredibly little to do with whether or not you can be successful.

    I have some sites at Weebly now in their fifth successful year.

    I like and recommend Weebly. ("Weebly Pro", of course, not their free hosting - that's no good to me at all because of the terms of service and their advertising button on your pages, and so on!).
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      Originally Posted by joecason View Post

      I edit the CSS to remove the footer and add other pro features for free.
      You're living dangerously: you should read their terms of service carefully some time, Joe (and maybe not be quite so quick to announce things like that in public, either)?
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        I ma sure you can, but if you want to start off with more control over your domain, site and business, you are probably better off getting your own domain and hosting it somewhere that does not have control over you or your content.

        Wordpress is not that hard to learn to use. Some people tend to make it sound hard, but its original purpose was to eliminate much of the hassle of publishing content online. Interestingly enough, if someone is really interested in what you have to say, they will not care at all what your site looks like. With the exception that if you make it difficult for them to find out what they want to know, they will click away in a heartbeat.

        But that happens with big sites all the time. They make crazy procedures to be able to read what they have published, so that more ads will be displayed. Like Huffington Post or Upworthy.

        But the more control you maintain over your own site, the better off you will be.

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    Of course you can be successful. Weebly has made tremendous
    strides over the past few years, and their website templates are
    extensive - there are many to choose from these days.

    In fact, they just went through a complete overhaul of
    their interface in the summer of '13. There are new features,
    the lag time has dropped off, and its a very user friendly
    way to build a website.

    Now lets be realistic. It's no Wordpress, but Weebly holds it's
    own weight. The default URL you get after creating a website
    is simple and easy to remember, but if you wish to use your
    own domain its a breeze. While they sell domains, you can
    integrate your own domain with Weebly seamlessly.

    If you decide to upgrade to Weebly Pro, the extras you get
    will blow you away. My only beef with Weebly is if you try
    to navigate the Weebly Editor with an outdated browser
    you will suffer. So upgrade your browser prior to using it.

    I've seen success happen on web hosts that cant' even
    compare to Weebly, so yes, you can be very successful.
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