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Hi there,

I have a nice website which is an escort directory (free postings + paid addons) but i dont have many escorts who list. I have about 300 ads in different cities.

My traffic is 350-400 uniques a day. I am using some adult offers from Peerfly without any luck. $7.5 last week. CasualMilfs, AdultfriendFinder, Get paid to watch porn and xxxblackbook.

I am looking for some advice on what to promote and how to make money from all that traffic. I will really appreciate some suggestions from experienced money makers here! Thanks.
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    I think the adverts you're running at the moment will make the place seem to seedy/hardcore. A lot of escorts wont want to advertise on pages like that. Try charging them for "sticky" posts. (no pun intended)
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    Those kind of sites are frequented by men. You might want to monetize by selling affiliate ebooks such as picking up women or how to make love to a women. My two cents.
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    I worked as an escort for over seven years, so I know a thing or two about directories in this niche. I'd say you should work on increasing your traffic and examine your competition. Honestly, I feel like classified ads are a much more appealing offer for escort's than the more traditional directory style listing.

    With sites like and, you will be up against some big names and I wish you the best of luck.
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    Amazing feedback! Thanks.

    @seonutshell, i understand what you are saying. I will keep them for another week. If conversions dont increase i will remove it for good.

    @paulie123, excellent idea. Do you have suggestions from ClickBank for this?

    @ashloren Thanks for info. Yea it is more like Ads site with photos, maps, reviews, comments and messaging system. I am trying to get more girls to post but I am having trouble getting in touch with them. I will PM you instead of writing everything here.
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    If you're in the U.S., aren't you a bit afraid of running into some trouble? There are clearly many legal issues with running this kind of website (I'm not judging you morally), and you don't want to get into trouble if some seedy characters are using your website.
    Good luck with the website and your other ventures though.
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    Im in Canada, it is legal here
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      Its a very tempting area.

      But my knees are working fine and I would like to keep them that way for a good while to come..
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    Take a look at Stickman Bangkok and how he monetises his site. Getting escort agencies to pay for direct advertising on a site is often a good approach.

    Just proceed with caution because PayPal and other companies will shut you down if they get wind of what you're up to.
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      Would be great for law enforcement too, being able to track escorts that voluntarily list themselves on sites like these. At least here locally there have been a dozen or so setups by police that specifically target escorts and their johns.

      Not all escorts are sex trade but usually that is what they are. Unless you have a big draw to this niche you would find more profit without the hassle in other areas. Last person I talked to in the Adult website industry was actually trying to get out of it due to the regulations and dwindling sales.
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