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Hey Guys

i dunno if i am posting this in the right section if not please move it thanks.

i am new to blogging and my web page rank is about the 4 million mark.

i am wanting to know how i can get good quality traffic to my site so i can bring my rank down and make my site more popular

does any have suggestions please
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    Originally Posted by yamaha racer View Post

    Hey Guys

    i dunno if i am posting this in the right section if not please move it thanks.

    i am new to blogging and my web page rank is about the 4 million mark.

    i am wanting to know how i can get good quality traffic to my site so i can bring my rank down and make my site more popular

    does any have suggestions please
    If your focusing on search engine traffic then it all comes down to keyword research and good content.
    Do you have a website making money and want to sell it? Contact me, I'm looking to buy sites monetized by Amazon and Adsense!!
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    Type and quality of content should be the main concern. Once someone comes to the site what will they find and how long will they stick around? You can draw them in but if there isn't anything for them to stick around for you wasted your time and effort to get them there.

    Whats your purpose? Develop a following? Make sales? Branding? You need to choose one and focus on that, you can't just say yes all three without putting in the work and focusing on one. You will be branding and develop following as you go but there are totally different ways to go about each one.

    Once you have something they will stick around for paid traffic will get you the fastest results seeing exactly how the site performs. This allows you to quickly make changes and see if your initial ideas have merit or not. Fast tracks statisitical information and if you have something to build from or if it would be a waste of time VS waiting months or longer just by SEO to get to the same conclusion.

    Do a forum search on traffic, SEO, social media, blogging and similar keywords to get specific ideas and learn from results of others using the various methods.

    Don't get caught up into which one to use start on one and bring in the others, it is not a one or the other situation. A lot of people I read on this forum think about Traffic and the various methods of getting traffic as a one vs the other as if one is better than another or you just do one and see how it goes. Doesn't work that way at least from my experience.

    Always focus your attention on your target market, start where the largest group of these people are at and draw their attention to your content, product, site...

    You can get nice results with SEO and back linking but it takes a while and you can't be all over the place with your efforts. You need to think Targeted, it isn't the biggest following or the one with the largest facebook friends list that wins, it's the one that targets the people interested in their product, content that spends money in particularly on that type of stuff.

    I know more than a couple people that have made six and seven figures relatively quickly off of a few hundred people. It isn't a numbers game it's a quality of customer you should be going for.

    Unless you are just into Article Marketing or that type of thing then most of this post won't apply.
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    Thank you so much guys. So keyword research is a big thing. I will need to get a keyword tool any suggestions
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      Originally Posted by yamaha racer View Post

      Thank you so much guys. So keyword research is a big thing. I will need to get a keyword tool any suggestions
      Google Keyword Planner is the best, I heard alot about Long Tail Pro and bought it few weeks back, It was just too slow and turn out to be nothing.

      Do a detailed keyword research in your niche globally or in your target country (if you have any). Analyse the per month searches and the competition ratio of the keywords and pick the best five.

      Analysing the keyword competition could be a confusing job if you are new to it. Have an in depth study of the first page results for the keyword you are considering to pick.
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      Originally Posted by yamaha racer View Post

      Thank you so much guys. So keyword research is a big thing. I will need to get a keyword tool any suggestions
      You can try Market Samurai or Traffic Travis and Google Planner as well.
      I use this free scrapper long tails keywords : Keyword suggestion tool — Google suggest scraper — Übersuggest

      About the traffic, You can try FB ads. start with small budget $5-$20 and target your audience based on your niche in small towns and cities for cheap clicks.
      i used them many times for my websites.
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    I use long tail pro, its great at finding good low comp keywords, I suggest you get it.
    Do you have a website making money and want to sell it? Contact me, I'm looking to buy sites monetized by Amazon and Adsense!!
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    Getting traffic to your site will be one of your biggest challenges and it all depends if you have the money to get immediate paid traffic or if broke will have to resort to free traffic strategies.

    I personally have used SEO to drive traffic to my offline business websites, but I specialize in Local Seo !

    Seo can be tricky because you are at BIG DADDY GOOGLE MERCY, but very effective ! If done correctly can product awesome results for free. Dependent if you are in a competitive niche, this will determine how fast you'll rank and get traffic.

    Do not try to implement and execute many different traffic generation strategies at once, focus on 1 or 2 of them to maximize your efforts.

    If seo will be one of your ways to drive traffic then select another method that you feel that interests you and can devote time to working that strategy !

    Research and ...........Make a list of different traffic strategies, and look into what are the pros and cons to each of those traffic generation strategies then select 1 more to focus on !

    Since I do not know what you are good or weak at, or what actually interests you and don't, if you have money or you don't, it is hard to direct you, so your best bet, is to immediately focus on the top free traffic generation strategies and top paid ones. From here narrow it down to what you think its best at this point.

    The take away from my response is this......don't try to do......." too many different traffic strategies at once " , focus on 1 or 2 primary ones get good at it, generate traffic, sales then implement another traffic strategy once you get traction and are seeing results with the ones you are currently doing.

    Terry Crim and his advice CRITICAL.......... re read his post and embrace his advice and execute it or you will suffer if you do not heed to his advice. There is not short cut to what he is talking about just make sure you follow his very valuable advice.

    All you need for now is google keyword free tool for now, when you are more advanced and are ready for more advanced kw research tools then you can look into them, but google and wordtracker free keyword tools will do the job for you for free, you just have to learn how to do effective kw research read more on this to get it right early on.
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    Keyword research is vital!
    I always used Wordtracker, a free tool that was recommended by a friend of mine. Never felt like trying another one.
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    search for blogs with the same topic, and do interesting blogcomenting with your website link. This wokrs really great
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    You must also watch out for relevance. Once you have step 1 down, the choice of good keywords, (considering that you already know the importance of the niche), you must write quality content. Step 2: make the content relevant to the people. If you trick people into accessing and the content of your blog is not relevant, they will leave your page so fast you will have a very high bounce rate.
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    Forget about "making your site more popular". Going for popular will make you go for broke. Focus solely on sales/money coming in.

    As far as traffic... you have so many options. Blogging, forums, articles, email list, ppc, seo, etc. Just put yourself on a schedule each day to get your blog promotion using these marketing methods - and more.
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    A couple of ways to approach improving both volume and quality of your traffic.

    1. Non-Paid such as forums, seo (blogging a major tool within this), youtube, social, articles/PR - the two major tasks here is to a) Master keyword research...which means drilling into common search terms with an eye to commercial searches AND THEN match those searches with a landing page that fulfills the desire behind those searches. There are 3 ways people go wrong here a) They target keywords that get volume but are not exactly matched with landing page and/or offer - OR - they are interested, but in information only and not many are ready to buy b) They target the right keywords, but have a poor landing page and/or offer so conversion sucks c) Sales funnel is broken - here they get the keywords right, landing page is good so you get people interested/opted-in but then miss on the conversion from list or content to sale. While this method can take some time (weeks before you begin to really get things clicking), it is a good method for evaluating traffic, content and offer mixes which is invaluable to your larger marketing effort

    2. Paid. The idea here is to speed up the process of testing, you want to have several hundred $$ to dedicate here if you want to START within paid traffic will take that long for you to figure out the right combination of keywords, messaging and landing page/offer.

    I have done both, if I know the market relatively well, have some good research on what works and what doesn't and have some confidence in your sales funnel (reviewed by a pro, extension of other successful campaigns, results from earlier testing, etc...) then going paid will get things rolling much faster, give you near immediate feedback so you can continue to optimize and bring you to profit weeks to months earlier.

    On the other hand, if you are entering a market for the first time, have little solid knowledge of the keywords, messaging that works and don't have extra marketing $$ to throw around then the SEO approach is a great way to enter to both test, improve and then ramp up your traffic and sales.

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    you have to focus on were the traffic comes from: if it's search engines: try SEO optimization and relevant keywords in addition to good content
    if it's social media like facebook or twitter try participating in groups and conversations and promote your website
    also try submitting your website/blog to blog directories they're a great source of traffic
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    I think you can try It is really a nice place once your blog is approved there is a huge traffic at this site so you can get high quality readers only.

    Eplanet Soft

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    By all means do SEO, but at the same time develop at least one other traffic source. Get really good at one traffic source (other than SEO) and then pursue another traffic source.

    The best non-SEO traffic source will depend in part on your niche. If you're in a niche with an ongoing interest among participants, social (Facebook/Pinterest) can be great. This can be a very fast way to generate traffic, especially if you have a small advertising budget to get things rolling and you produce good content your audience likes.

    If your niche lends itself to videos (see what competitors are doing for videos), try videos ... although unless you promote the videos, are very good at YouTube SEO or use Adwords to get more video views, this is a slower method.

    If you're in a B2B niche, LinkedIn can be worth doing.

    You can buy traffic with PPC such as BingAds ... but you'll really need to be monetizing well and find excellent keywords that convert.

    If you write very well, you can approach high-traffic sites to publish your articles with a link back to your blog.

    If there's an active forum in your niche that permits signature, links, this can be worth doing.

    My preference is social media, but my niche works well for social media. Not all niches do.

    Go to competitors' sites and see what they're doing for traffic. Do they have a massive Facebook page or Pinterest boards? How about a popular YouTube channel? Does it look to be mostly search-based traffic?

    Play to your strengths as well. If you love talking on camera and making videos, YouTube could be for you. If you love writing, article syndication could be for you. If you love graphics and making great images and/or write great content, social may be for you. If you have a solid monetization funnel in place and you know your numbers, buying PPC traffic may be for you.
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    Do some basic seo like backlinking and keyword researching. For keyword researching try using google keyword planner and try typing on google searchbox in incognito and see the autofill results.


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    Good keyword research and putting quality content on your website should get your
    website up in the seo rankings with the major search engines giving you lots of traffic.
    But don't let anyone fool you, this won't happen overnight.
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    The easiest way to get traffic to your blog is buying it. If quality of the traffic does not matter then you can buy it from and other sources that you can search on the net. If you need quality then get some ppc traffic from google, msn and yahoo. If you use the right keywords then you will get highly targeted traffic for your blog. It is however very easy to lose your money as the charges keep rising.

    If you are interested in free traffic then search engine traffic is the way to go but it is probably the slowest means of getting traffic. You may need to learn a bit of Search engine optimisation which is readily available in this forum. Another way which i have found to very targeted as well is traffic from links for your youtube videos. From my experience youtube traffic is even better than the traffic from search engines. Other ways include blog and forum commenting. Just make sure that your comments are relevant to the topic on hand and helpful as well.
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    Write some awesome content. And keep searching for keyword/topic ideas.
    ÖŽ FindABlog: Find blogs to comment on, guest posting opportunities and more ÖŽ

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    One of the good ways to boost your traffic and search engine ranking is by doing link exchange. Just contact the owner of a website similar to yours and offer them to put their link on your website in exchange for them putting your link on their website. If you prefer, you can also use a third party service like Link Market to help you with that.
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    • Do some optimization technique like off page and on page. On page technique like quality content ,good keyword selection,proper title to each come the important optimization technique like off page like forum posting,blog commenting,directory submission , all this submission proper selection site with high PR.
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    keyword searching is really a big thing!
    and if you can, you should try to update your blog everyday
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      Good quality of content can help you. You can also update your site blog and article on weekly basis.
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    Forum posting, SEO, backlinking, etc.
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    Good quality content update on your site and quality SEO back link create with category
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    If you have quality and unique content on your website, then whichever technique you used, will give you quality traffic.
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    You should do some research about what keywords fit your topic best, then include those kws into the content on your website, then take care of the off-page optimization of your site with the help of articles, blog entries or other such stuff, also focusing on relevant keywords.
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    Actually I feel that keyword research might even take your focus on wrong direction.

    I would focus on solving the target audience problem with totally unique and value-giving content. It will show up in search engines sooner and later. People will link to it. People will share it. People will participate in it.

    Just focus on the content. Create quality content, and create often.
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    Add high quality search engine friendly contents in your website to convey the meaningful information to your customers.

    Patryk Glowacki

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    This question is far too broad.
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    If you are really serious of getting quality web traffic then I suggest you focus on making your site an authority. Create quality and evergreen blog post.
    No Clicking Here - I Repeat No Clicking Here
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      Originally Posted by january14n View Post

      If you are really serious of getting quality web traffic then I suggest you focus on making your site an authority. Create quality and evergreen blog post.
      Love this! Quality, informative content that engages readers and visitors is the way to go. Yes you will need to do other activities like link building, social media promotion/engagement etc. etc. but, it starts with awesome content.

      Building great, original content as the foundation of your strategy will ensure that you have a strong base now and when the next Google animal update comes out, and the next, and the next.

      If you do decided to to outsource your SEO, please make sure you do your homework/ due diligence. So many IMs today lose their drive on these "get rich quick" or "get on page one in two weeks" deals then are disappointed when it does nothing, or hurts their ranking.
      GB Solutions | Small Business Website & Marketing Solutions

      "To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not To Yield" -Tennyson
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    thank you all for your comments. I can see the keyword research is vital.
    How do i find a topic to speak about.

    My website is network marketing based is there somewhere i can get idea to right blog post on ?
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    it is a little complicated to talk about it.
    3 key features:
    1. make nice SNS
    2. update website with high quality content.
    3. promote website on some high quality platform.
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    Just like everyone else has said.... keyword research that is highly targeted to the message you want to get across, and the content has to be relevant to those keywords. (This will also lower your CPC if you buy traffic.) The keyword tool I use is Micro Niche Finder by James J Jones.

    Then it's all about building quality links slowly from quality and popular sites.
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    Too keep it short.. Good Quality Traffic needs Good Quality Backlinks..
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    Get a course on SEO and Backlinking. Search YouTube for free stuff..
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      Great content, good backlinks, Youtube and FB fan pages are a good combo. Depends on your niche. Traffic Travis is a wonderful tool for keyword research.
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    To get more quality website traffic it's a good idea to start with article writing and submission. This consists of writing articles that are related to the topic of your website or product or services. Always create new content and submit these articles regularly on high quality submission sites. This will dramatically increase your website traffic.
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    Originally Posted by yamaha racer View Post

    Hey Guys

    i dunno if i am posting this in the right section if not please move it thanks.

    i am new to blogging and my web page rank is about the 4 million mark.

    i am wanting to know how i can get good quality traffic to my site so i can bring my rank down and make my site more popular

    does any have suggestions please

    Assuming you monetized your blog, if you want to get cranking on making sales I highly recommend you focus on driving traffic to the blog so you can build that list and e-mail market to them.
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  • Forget about "keyword research" tools, regardless of what you've been told. They don't work...not anymore. Consider the sources of those (Google, mostly). They have a vested interest in keeping you spinning your wheels, and why would you need a tool to search long tail keywords anyway? If you have a brain, you can rank your own long tail searches based on what you yourself would type into any search engine. Use your own brain as your best keyword research tool. Google picks up on new keyword searches everyday, based on searches that real people are actually typing in naturally, that will never appear on any keyword search tool and they'll never tell you about them either. For a better explanation of why keyword tools suck, watch this video from the #1 SEO guy in the world talking about this at 35:00 minutes in until about 43:00 minutes in:

    So my advice to you is to create great content based on your chosen niche and do it naturally. Natural searches are the best searches and Google already knows this. Its OK to use Google Suggest and the like to get ideas for your niche but create your content naturally which also makes it unique. Google also likes this.

    You can also turn your content into videos and post them on youtube and other video sites. Make social media pages based on your content, like Tumblr, for example. Post on Pinterest and the like, with links back to your website and videos. Also turn your blog content into documents that you can post on SlideShare which also accepts video. This is called "re-purposing" your content and its all free to do.
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    good quality content can help you
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    paid traffic is prob the best way unless you want to spend lots of time doing seo,article submission, you tube videos, facebooking etc

    The Proven Secret Training & Business System That Pays You $1000, $3000 & $5000 Commissions Without You Ever Having To Pick Up A Phone

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    Wow! Your website is number 4 million? That is great! You are ahead of approximately 650,000,000 other websites.Looking at just numbers can be depressing unless you frame it right.

    Instead of concentrating on what your rank is right now, concentrate on producing quality content and build out your site. Quality content = quality traffic.

    Get on like minded forums. Start participating, sharing your thoughts. Let people know how they can get more info. People will start to follow you and your website.
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    Yea traffic is needed for a website. I have some solution for traffic.such as you should write content that informative, share a good video, share your link on social media, and do SEO .
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