What's most important to you?...

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...from an internet marketing standpoint.
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    Traffic....It is the key underlying foundation!

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    Traffic and list building
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    Without the traffic nothing else matters.
    The best most well designed site in the world is useless without traffic, whether it is for an opt in, a sale, or just for people to read something.
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    Traffic is the key to everything.
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    traffic and list building.
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    For me the most important thing is seo, traffic and good content.
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    Traffic is the base, list building / website content / affiliate marketing / etc is what you do with that traffic.

    Website without traffic is useless. Traffic without conversion target is a waste.

    It is like asking, which is more important: chicken or egg
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  • Traffic increase is the ultimate goal of any internet marketing effort, so I would say it is the most important.
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    List building, although it's rather hard without traffic...

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    So for most it's traffic?? Thanks for your posts all.

    i guess this is where i tell everyone i have a blog, among other things - www.parkerfarington.com

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