What do you think of this image. Furthering my deisgn skills

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I have always been looking to develop my deisgn skills, so I have been learning some graphic design in photoshop, stuff I dont normally do.

what do you think for my first attempt.

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    Depends what effect you're going for. If it's just a dissolve effect, maybe it would be better (and less scary) if the scars on her face weren't there.

    But clever manipulation!

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      I see you're an owner of "Photoshop Top Secret". It's a great course but some of the more advanced effects are a bit too "overdramatic" for the average niche graphics that most of us require for our products. The strategies can definitely be refined and tempered down though, to give your stuff an added flair.

      Overall I think your first effort was a solid one. All I would say is beware of overdoing it. I know that sometimes it's easy to consider the "coolness factor" before taking into consideration how the graphics will make your prospective customers feel when they're reviewing your offer. Will the graphics turn them off and detract from your site or presentation? Just keep that in mind when you're designing graphics for marketing purposes.

      PS If it's just your overall graphic design skills you're honing (no marketing attached), as an owner of this course myself, I truly don't think there are any creative limits to what you can accomplish.
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    I love the warp effect. edit/transform/warp.

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      I agree with Ian. It would be better without the blood on the other side of her face. Without, its a cool image. With, it smacks of the kind of domestic violence that we want to put an end to. I think the bloodied face part would turn away a lot of people.
      Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    thanks for the comments, as it was my first job I have learned a few new techniques which I can use for my business.

    the more I design the better I will get and I enjoyed doing that design.
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    Not so much a comment on the design, but on the inspiration:

    Have you been reading that book by Michael Crichton about nanotechnology?

    Can't remember what it's called. (Anyone?) Good airport-bookstand-style pulp fiction. One of those starts off quizzically and turns into the rollicking, galloping along kind of yarn that he's renowned for.

    Re: Design... I'd follow the contour along the top of her head more closely into the breaking apart thingy. It seems to "jut out" a bit, rather than "flow off", which I assume to be the desired idea.

    Nice one,
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      Why does she have a swarm of bees on the side of her head?
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    I thinks its a very cool effect, but I would not classify as design as such. Certainly, a good visual trick, though the difference between 'design' and 'design effects' should be made... keep it up though! Good stuff.
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    It's odd and disturbing. I would have started the breakaway in a thin thread starting from the top of the head moving off in a curling wisp rather than so much volume breaking away. Just my $0.02.

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      Hi Andy,

      These are just opinions...

      The image looks a little unbalanced, to be honest. It doesn't require symmetry to make an image a standout, but it does require somewhat of a balance of eyeball anchors to get the brain to see the *drama* in an image.

      This is often accomplished with the use of triangular anchor points (that's where your brain creates a focal area using 3 points on the image) that subliminally draws your attention to an area. There can be more than 'one' triangular anchor points in any given image, but your eye naturally seeks these out and wants to find them. Again, it's subliminal, and almost no-one is aware that that is how they view images or objects.

      A second thought is the 'graining' of the backdrop overlapping the fore image tends to take away from the depth of the image. This tends to remove some of the drama from the image. Adding depth to the boundry between the fore image and the background would help.

      Also, fracturing the left side of the image and exploding it into a monotone black void makes it appear superfluous. Again, there is no depth to give it visual substance, so the eye can't tell if it is looking at a 'net' coming in from the left to cover her face, or is it her face that is fracturing. That kind of ambiguity is not of the the same quality that makes an impressionistic image look like one thing to someone, and something else to another, but rather it just tends to confuse without adding value.

      We all have our own sense of what we like to see, and those were just some thoughts that crossed my mind, so don't give them too much weight

      Best of success on your artistic journey,

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        From an artistic point of view - the image is really good. Almost reminds me of an old fashioned record cover...

        Keep on practising...


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    for some reason that graphic pic reminds me of Resident Evil....dont ask why
    "All Achievements, All Earned Riches Have Their Beginning in an Idea"
    Napolean Hill
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    thanks for all the comments, will definitely keep on practising

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    Nice work so far, Andy. I like fantasy art.

    Looks like something you might find in Heavy Metal Mag:
    Heavy Metal - The Illustrated Adult Fantasy Art Magazine

    The Artist Arena is a great place for inspiration

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    Its a good step. Any kind of help about Photoshop please knock me.
    Originally Posted by ecovergeeks View Post

    I have always been looking to develop my deisgn skills, so I have been learning some graphic design in photoshop, stuff I dont normally do.

    what do you think for my first attempt.

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