Tomorrow is my first ever product launch.

by rizy
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Hi Warriors,

Tomorrow I am releasing a unique cool little plugin both on Jvzoo and WSO. And so far these are the things I have done:

-Created A Beautiful Salespage for my site.
-Created A Sales Funnel
-Created A Tutorial Video
-Encrypted The File with Wizshield
-Working on Creating The WSO Salespage
-Put it on Muncheye and WarriorJv [But I messed up here, I posted on these sites just yesterday, and this is the reason why I have only 3 affiliates so far.]

So far my problem is:
-No List of Affiliates
-No List of Buyers

Please tell me will the affiliate list come as I put it on WSO? The plugin itself is very cool and useful, and same technology is used by LA Times, Daily Globe and CNN.
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    ask some marketers to review your plugin. you can join some groups wehre you can find marketers too.
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    Create a list. Buy solo ads to populate your list. Send your offer to your list.

    Alternatively, you can buy keyword research at Fiverr. Buy adwords traffic for those keywords and drop them on your landing page to populate your list.

    The key is to find RELEVANT kws with DECENT traffic and HIGHLY TARGETED interests at DIRT CHEAP rates. There are providers on Fiverr that can do this for you.

    If you want help putting this all together, let me know.
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    Congratulations! You are on the road to success.

    I will purchase your plugin (so one sale is safe ). If it is good I might promote it.

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      Originally Posted by rizy View Post

      Hi Warriors,

      Tomorrow I am releasing a unique cool little plugin both on Jvzoo and WSO.
      Mmmmm, didn't know you could do that :confused:
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      ― George Carlin
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        Originally Posted by salegurus View Post

        Mmmmm, didn't know you could do that :confused:
        You can put the product on JVZoo, and then also run the WSO through JVZoo. You can put 2 different price points. JVZoo just works as payment processor.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Ask someone to mail for you that has a list that's proven to buy products like yours.
    If you don't ask, then the answer is always no.
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    Best of luck with your launch.

    In between this one and the next one, spend
    time cultivating relationships and building
    contacts, and you'll be in much better shape
    come launch day.

    Good luck!

    -David Raybould
    Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

    Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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      First of all, good luck with your launch!

      My first suggestion would be to offer a few review copies to the senior members and ask them to post their review inside your WSO sales thread. This way the social proof will be there and it will make your job of acquiring affiliate a lot easier.
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  • congratulations on your new product launch! I hope you do very well with it
    Need To Make Money? Raise All Of The Money You Need To Raise Without Having To Pay Any Of It Back! Not a grant and not a here to learn more!!
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    Originally Posted by rizy View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    Tomorrow I am releasing a unique cool little plugin both on Jvzoo and WSO.
    Just be aware that you will need two separate WSO pages if you use both JVZoo and W+, unless you just use a JVZoo page for JVZoo. You don't want to put both buttons on one WSO page. Your affiliates will get mad. They could lose sales say if a W+ affiliate sends the lead to the page but the customer uses the JVZoo button instead of the W+ button.
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    Good luck on your launch tomorrow. It's always a scary proposition to put yourself and your product out there for the whole world to critique and criticize. I personally just launched a couple of my own products over the past few months and I was petrified!

    My best advice to you is to expect the unexpected. Stay close to your computer for a few hours after your product launches just to monitor and make sure that the buy buttons are working and that the product is being delivered. When there is a delay in delivery after purchase you get some pretty nasty feedback quickly.

    As far as affiliates, look around the WSO section and see what other marketers have had successful launches. Send them a PM and offer them a sample of your product in exchange for either an endorsement or a send out to your list. You have to put yourself out there. They aren't going to come to you :-)

    Good luck and best wishes for a profitable launch tomorrow!
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    create an account on get response auto responder. think of what to write in your emails. you can take a look at some of the emails from clickbank.go to marketplace and look for your niche.

    click on any websites and look for their affiliate program. most website owners will provide at least 3 written emails for their affiliates. take a look at what they write and change it in your own words(eg: happy change to delighted). same meaning but different words.

    don't just copy and paste. the website owners may find out and ask you to delete it from your auto responder. make a video marketing and post it on youtube and metacafe.

    buy solo ads from successful internet marketers( a list of more than 100,000 subcribers or more) using your auto responder, send your emails to the list of subcribers and link them to your squeeze page. (so that to send only targetted customers who are interested in your product). then send them another email and link it to your sales page.
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    Congratulations for your launch. I can imagine how rough it could be to be in a situation like this. As some said before me it takes time to build relationships.

    I'm happy that you at least already got three affiliates. Not bad.
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    The main thing that attracts affiliates is brisk sales. Every day people sit watching which new WSOs are taking off. Once this begins to happen, if it happens, you won't need to do much other than approve affiliates for your offer. Good luck.
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