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With the developments over the past few years with the SERP's, it's been challenging to get and keep our websites and material ranked. Here are a few key elements of success with your content marketing that I have found useful.

Keywords are still important and useful, but they are quickly losing their power and value. Google is looking more and more for unique, useful information and content. Keyword focused articles and content isn't as powerful any longer. Instead, the focus needs to be on providing people with great value and content.

This has another added value which only adds juice in Google, and that is repeat readership and social sharing.

Provide people with great value and they will not only want to come back again and again, but they will want to share what you are offering with other people. This is the real link juice Google is looking at more and more.

Of course this isn't the end all or magic bullet because this too can be manipulated, but be that as it may, Google is focusing more on the overall democracy of the internet. The more naturally your content and material is shared, the more juice Google will give you.

It would seem like common sense, but the real power of ranking and driving traffic comes from your ability to provide people with tons of value. Under promise and over-deliver is the key. Give them more than they ever bargained for and leave them blown away.

Do this time and time again, and I guarantee that people will come back more often, purchase more from you, share with their friends, and go above and beyond to share your site and information.
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