Question about the "landing page" that I would want affiliates to send customers to

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My website is set up in such a way that if you click one section of the top navigation bar, it takes you to the "ebooks" section of my website.

In that section, I have clickable pictures of each one of my 4 eBooks, but before clicking on any one of the pictures, I first let them know that I offer a package deal of all my eBooks, including a bonus book for the price of $8.97.

When they click on any of the pictures of the eBooks, a full description page pops up....I guess this would essentially be my "sales page", because after the full description I have an "add to cart" button and a price of $3.99 for each book.

One of my books, which is $3.99 is also offered as a 3-for-1 package deal for $4.99. That "package deal" is at the bottom of the sales page for that particular book.

Also, on each of these pages I have sidebar widgets displaying Google Adsense ads and links to my articles on the left, and an opt-in form on the right which gives away one of my eBooks for free.

....So basically my website is set-up for people to browse around and maybe buy a book or two.

However, if I were to try and get an affiliate to promote my books, would I simply be able to use one of the book description pages? What if the customer clicked around my site, and maybe bought a different book then what the affiliate initially linked them to?

Do I need a "sales page" (or "landing page") that has only one single book?

I guess I'm just looking for advice on how I'd go about having affiliates promote my books for me. I'm not exactly sure how this all works.
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    You would want affiliates to able to link to books directly, or to the package deal. You already have a basic landing page for each book by te sounds of it (the description page).

    No matter what they buy, the aff should get credit.

    Also, if the main goal is to be selling these books, I'd get rid of the Adsense on those pages - that's just losing traffic that should be buying your books!
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      This is my opinion about how I might go about setting this up.

      I would have a single page on my site for each product i was selling. Whether that was a single book or a package I would treat each of those as a unique product.

      I am a bit unclear about the popup sales letter, if it really is a popup, that might be difficult to get a unique link to for your affiliates. Some of them might not want to promote all of your products.

      If the affiliate is sending traffic to your site, then whatever program you go with for tracking affiliate links and conversions and other metrics, it would be good - and far easier to attract great affiliates - if you have it set up so that no matter what gets sold, they get credit for a commission if their cookie is the one set. That's a great marketing point for your affiliate program.

      For sure I would take down the Adsense like the other poster suggested and concentrate on your books.

      I am not a coder, so this is definitely my opinion here, but I think that popups don't register as "real" pages, so it might be really difficult to send traffic to them. If you had your site setup so that you had the sales letter "popups" and a page about each product with links available to your other related products that could work out well too.

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    I think I may have described it wrong...I don't have any "pop ups". I meant that when they click on any one of the little icons, which are pictures of each takes them to a full description page of what the book is about. I didn't mean that it was actually a "pop-up".

    Okay, so remove the adsense ads on the description pages for each book...check!

    I guess my main question is:

    I have a "Website" rather than just a "product page". If the affiliate links them to one of my book description pages, the customer is then free to browse around my website (click on other pages, sign up for my mailing list, etc...).

    Do you think that I should create JUST a sales page that has only one sole purpose - describe the book(s). And if so, would this require me to purchase another domain name?

    Thanks fellas!
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      Perhaps if you had the main description of a book on each page and then a related products link, or a non-obtrusive link back to another part of your site. But, I do think you would be better off by having not much more than the book description and how to buy it on a single page.

      Unless I have misunderstood your question. <sigh> which seems to happen with me sometimes.

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    Set-up your affiliate cookie to cover all products. If an affiliate sends a visitor they are going to expect credit for anything purchased during their cookie period.

    You will have trouble getting serious affiliates to promote anything with "leaks" (opt-in form, links off site, etc).
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      Originally Posted by RogueOne View Post

      Set-up your affiliate cookie to cover all products. If an affiliate sends a visitor they are going to expect credit for anything purchased during their cookie period.

      You will have trouble getting serious affiliates to promote anything with "leaks" (opt-in form, links off site, etc).
      I agree affiliates will not promote if they feel like they will not get credit for other products on your site. Setting up a cookie is the way to go. Most of the good plugins have this capability or you could use clickbank for your products they have all this built in and you will not have to screw with setting your affiliate software up on your site.

      You also might think about selling your ebooks through amazon on their kindle publishing network I have made good money taking some of my older stuff and putting it on kindle and amazon has its only affiliate network that will get your books spread across the web fast.

      Good luck
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    Ok so my next question would be this:

    How would I go about creating a sales page for all 6 of my books, with several different "package deals". All of my books are related to one central goal, and that is why I have 6 of them total.

    So in this "sales page" or "squeeze page" or "landing page", I would want:

    1.) A full description of 5 of the books

    2.) An opportunity to "add to cart" for each of the 5

    3.) Offer a package deal of 3 of the books

    4.) Offer another package deal of all 5, including a FREE BONUS BOOK

    That is essentially how my website is set up, but do you think that this would be a good idea to have a sales page like this? Or is this way too much stuff in one place, and I should probably just stick to selling one book at a time?

    I'm just trying to figure out the best way to market these books that I already made, but are only resulting in a few sales each month.

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    Ya, I do have my books available on Kindle...but I'm thinking that I want to have an EXCELLENT sales page made up for me and either

    1.) Use paid advertising to direct traffic to the sales page, or
    2.) Put it up on Clickbank for affiliates to sell for me
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      I suspect that is too much stuff on one sales page. it might just be me, but I have trouble paying attention to more than one thing on a page at a time. I can't figure out how to evaluate the various choices. So I often wind up looking for some simpler way to get done what i want to get done.

      Maybe a sales page for each book with a link to package deal on each page. Don't make your package deals too hard to figure out though, when you read through reviews on Amazon, that is a consistent theme, that people feel cheated because they bought the wrong package deal.

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