Which is the best way to earn money through blog ?

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Adsense adds, affilate programs, ebooks or other ?
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    Depends on the blog. If you can create an information product that is of real value, I would do that.

    Do you have a blog already? If so, what is the topic?


    Wealthcopywriter.com :)

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    There is no one answer to this question. If you don't have any clue on what you should do, you should have planned ahead for this specific issue. You need to reflect on your blog and test what works best for the specific blog. Given we know nothing about the blog in terms of niche or content, it is impossible for us to answer this. Are you selling a product or service? Do you have any impressions so far? How active is your blog? How much content do you place on the blog?

    Come back and ask this question when you have this figured out.

    In other words: each method you have listed works, but that doesn't mean it's right for you.
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    Originally Posted by Softonal View Post

    Adsense adds, affilate programs, ebooks or other ?
    I would go for all of the above and not forgetting email marketing. It is dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket. I have heard enough stories of people who put all their trust in google adsense but later had their accounts banned and went from thousands of dollars a month to nothing.

    The choice of which products to a advertise depends on your blog topic. It has to be targeted. No point in selling herbs to an audience on a Internet marketing blog. It might convert but at low levels.
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    I think that Adwords and CPA offers work the best for blogs.

    Just my 2 cents

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    • If you are just starting out put Adsense and Amazon on there. Then focus on creating content that matters. If you can write 1 meaningful post per week for 52 weeks, the traffic will come and it will open your eyes to what is really possible.

      Most folks on this board are setting up blogs in a couple weeks that don't mean much and expecting to make serious money. If you are creating blogs that don't mean much you need 500-1000 blogs to make serious money (talking the $20K per month level) because each site will bring in a couple bucks a month.

      Or you can make 1 site that makes a difference, with repeat traffic that will make you a 1%er.

      I do both. Well my odeskers build me lots of little blogs while I focus on the value added stuff.

      Good luck.
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    Think of your blog (and any other content you develop) as a large spider web with the objective of capturing the attention, interest and desire of the more targeted people from your market - the ultimate objective is to funnel them into offers, that can range from free offers (incentives to opt-in) through one-time offers all the way to ongoing, higher-end offers. You should test all of these on your blog. I would pick Adsense LAST - have a strategy for selling "STUFF" from your blog - either information products/ebooks or physical things through affiliate programs.

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    Originally Posted by Softonal View Post

    Adsense adds, affilate programs, ebooks or other ?
    It is very much possible to earn money through all the methods you've stated..
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    It really depends on what your blog is about. That said, I think "most" blogs can earn some money with Adsense and Amazon.

    From my own personal experience, I earned quite a bit as an Amazon affiliate, until they deactivated my account when Illinois passed the Internet tax law. If I remember correctly, I earned more with Amazon than with Adsense,

    The key is to link to relevant products, not just expensive ones to get a higher commission. I blogged about writing, literature, ebooks, etc. most of my Amazon sales were books, which only made me a few cents per purchase. But those few cents added up quickly. And some days I got lucky and a visitor would use my affiliate link to buy a Kindle or something.

    I'd start with Adsense and Amazon, then branch out from there as you get more established.
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    You have to make a decision of what works for you and your niche personally. For some amazon rocks, for me personally, I struggled for YEARS trying to make a dime with it. And anything ever made with adsense was just not worth it for me. Now some do really well.

    I worked for years and years trying everything from coupons- adspace - adsense - amazon, I knew I wanted to make money blogging but couldn't find the right piece that worked for me. And then I took a shot at an affiliate opportunity and when it worked.. like it worked good! I knew I found my spot in this great im/blogging world and I'll never go back.
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    No matter whaty you should build your list of subscribers who want to read your blog so you build a list that you can email when you post new stuff on your blog, then you can figure out what they want and recommend other peoples products or your own.
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    Use a combination of different monetization methods. NEVER EVER PUT ALL OF YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET! I like product creation and affiliate sales the best though.
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    Information products. Make sure you generate the lead though.
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    Try them all. Adsense is easy to set up and get started but unless you are optimizing for adsense at the expense of your visitor you won't be retiring any time soon. Amazon is a bit harder as you have to select products that relate or even write stuff about them. You could also place banner ads for clickbank products in place of adsense and see how that goes. Sign up to other aff programs on places like commission junction and place banner ads from those aff programs.

    Other than that, if you know your topic well and know what sells, why not turn it into an ecomm store and sell those products. Or develop products to sell on amazon and use the blog as a marketing tool fro those products.
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      Adsense is easy to set up and get started.

      Worked for me, too
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    clickbank products can do well if closely coupled to your blog's topic
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    The best way to earn money through a blog is:

    1) Be transparent and honest

    2) Blog about current topics in your industry, from your point of view

    3) Build a subscriber list with a lead gen form

    4) Promote affiliate products to your subscriber list and on blog posts

    5) Create your own products to promote to your subscriber list and on blog posts

    It (really is) that simple.

    Don't worry about adsense and advertising spots until you're getting a high volume of traffic.

    Now get out there and make some money!

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    You need to capture the attention of people through interesting, helpful and informative content about your niche. It's a great idea to use social media and social bookmarking for that in order to drive more traffic and build a solid reputation. Then, if you have your own product, promote it through your blog - if not, research affiliate products and market those.
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    Originally Posted by Softonal View Post

    Adsense adds, affilate programs, ebooks or other ?
    I use all methods and all methods work! Just make sure you are implementing them correctly! With the right amount of traffic and properly placed links they all will convert
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    Create multiple streams. In addition to clickbank cpa, I earn through adsense and selling email traffic.
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    It really depends on the contents on your blog and on your target group.
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    I will go with all of them and currently I am using it on my blog.
    Techbizmasters.com- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    There are many people that recommend creating your own product to truly maximize your earning potential. Check out the latest podcast from ThinkTraffic/Fizzle: A Walk Through Making Your First Product in 7 Steps (FS027)

    That being said, selling affiliate products has an easier entry. You literally just pick a product and promote it as opposed to spending all the time creating your own.
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    Any of the methods you mention can work on their own or in combination but you need to test and match what you're offering to the people visiting your blog.
    For the best long term results it will also depend on the value you are delivering and the type of traffic you are attracting etc.
    CLICK HERE for techniques and reviews of affiliate marketing training
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    Well, that completely depends on the type of blog/website you create. Adsense & ClickBank has been the best way to monetize your site according to me.
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  • " Which is the best way to earn money through blog ?
    Adsense adds, affilate programs, ebooks or other ?"


    I would definately not use Adsense on any blog if that blog was created to build my own targeted list or to write a review about an affiliate product I purchased and used to say if it did as was claimed or it was a scam?

    If you are going to write a blog surely you know why you wish to do this? The business we are in is just that, a business and not a hobby. So decide why you want to blog.:confused:

    If it is to make money then don't sell from it because only 2% of people buy directly from a blog or website on the first visit while the rest are gone forever, and that is from a great blog/website which is expertly written and created often by a web master?:confused:

    Are you that good? If not, write good content often and try to create a list by giving away a high quality free gift that has real value to any reader?

    As for using Adsense, that is for later on when you are getting lots of traffic not when you are starting because it needs expert knowledge to make it worth using.:rolleyes:

    That's what I think so you takes your choice and decide what is best for you so think about what your intention for blogging is and do it.

    Stephen & Jennifer.
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    There are many ways to earn money from blogging.

    The ones that have worked best for me are adwords, getting paid to write reviews about a product and building a mailing list with an opt in form.
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    Go with Amazon if your niche allows it and also choose different affiliate products for each article. In the end it doesn't matter which affiliate program you use as long as it targets your visitors interests.

    Just test, test and...oh TEST :-)
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