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So who here is in the 30 day challenge this year?
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    Yea, I wasn't around last year. What is it?
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      ed dales thirty day challenge he does it every year i think it starts in june, maybe wrong on that
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    You can find it through his website thirtydaychallenge.com

    I believe the pre-season starts in June, but the actual challenge in August (but I can be wrong).

    Take care,

    Taking it one day at a time!
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      Wow this is a very interesting site. Anyone here can share more info about the challenge? Eg what methods are used to make the $10, etc
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    30 day challenge is an EXCELLENT starting point for people who are new to internet marketing. It is also packed with great information for seasoned marketers, as well. It is completely free and Ed Dale and gang are very straight up.

    I recommend it, if it's anything close to previous years 30DC's... which I'm sure it will be.

    John Dennis
    "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." - Jim Rohn
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      I did the 30DC 2 years ago and learned a lot from it. Thinking of doing it again this year to see if there is anything new and for the hell of it!
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        Originally Posted by PatriciaJ View Post

        I did the 30DC 2 years ago and learned a lot from it. Thinking of doing it again this year to see if there is anything new and for the hell of it!
        I did the challenge also... It was good...
        I'll do it again this year... Just for the hell of it...

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      So say I want to start learning the methods and earning. Do I have to wait till August? Or can I join and start anytime?
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    Whats thr prize if you win the 30daychallenge?
    "All Achievements, All Earned Riches Have Their Beginning in an Idea"
    Napolean Hill
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      Originally Posted by acur042 View Post

      Whats thr prize if you win the 30daychallenge?
      If you earn $1 online during the challenge, you win the prize.

      The prize?

      The knowledge, ability, and on-the-job experience to run a successful online business...


      Not promoting right now

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    I have done the thirty day challenge twice, I love its perfect for beginners.

    P.S. There is no prize, ed dale just shows you step by step how to make your first dollar online.
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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 30 Day Challenge! It's completely free (although they will introduce some tools that cost if you wish to purchase them, but it's not necessary at all). It's a wonderful way to get a heads up on some of the newest and most effective trends for marketing. Great for just about any level of marketer - there's normally something worth learning being bandied about.

    Preseason for '09 starts in June, so I would suggest waiting and starting then. Although it certainly wouldn't hurt to watch last year's preseason and actual challenge videos to get a feel for how it all works. You might learn something really useful for your business.

    The 'prize' is the huge amount of knowledge and guidance you walk away with. Add in your own drive and action-taking-efforts and you come out with a viable business model for making money online.

    There is no cost to participate but don't let that deceive you! The value of the information they handed out for free last year was crazy! Of course, the real value of it depends on how much you actually do with it. Do nothing...earn nothing. Do something...maybe earn a heckuva lot!

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      I did it last August. I found it worthwhile, though I realized a couple of planning errors weakened the program for raw beginners. The basic idea is to choose a niche and then test it for marketablily. That's the core purpose. I wished they'd put a bit more emphasis on planning a business model for the longer term. We were tutored to get a domain and hosting, set up a WordPress site, put an Amazon link on it, start blogging, then promote it through social media. It seems like most of the program was on social media, actually. There was also a nice, if brief, discussion of Adwords. 30DC had it's humorous moments, too. Ed got a little PO-ed at one point because people were ripping off his sample site and did a somewhat uninspiring blog video in response. Ed Dale is a pretty likable guy, though. And he had me the first time he said he'd made "millions and millions of dollars". I never miss his weekly podcast, Internet Marketing This Week. There's no cost for 30DC, but be prepared to have some products heavily pushed, like Market Samari and WordPress Direct.

      Anyway, it's very much worthwhile to catch the whole experience, whether you participate or not.
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    Is this still happening this year?

    A quote from the site:

    The 2008 challenge has just started but there is still plenty of time for you to join in. Sign up now by entering your first name and email address in the boxes above to receive updates and access to all the challenge training.
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      Yes the thirty day challenge is on this year pre season starts june which gives you a chance to learn about things that your need for the challenge then the challenge starts for real in Aug
      Even if you dont win the challenge if you learn new stuff it has to be worth it, plus of course its free always a bonus
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          yes the challenge is free to all, unless anyone else can tell me different but as far as im aware the challenge is free to all
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      Originally Posted by Wade Watson View Post

      Here's a link to the 2009 preview:

      30 Day Challenge Preview Show recording Now Live (if that makes sense!) - Thirty Day Challenge

      Keep up with the 30DC blog and you'll be on top of it:

      Thirty Day Challenge

      I was wondering when the 2009 Challenge would start. Thanks alot!

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    Nonsense! Ed Dale is the top 1# expert house flipper in Manitoba, Canada

    yes -no
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    I will give it a try this year.
    Get the bustline that gets you attention
    from Guys without going
    under the knife!

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    never heard of this before but just checked it out and it sounds interesting.
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    It always amazes me how people can go to great lengths to put something together, but fail to include something as simple as a mention of a date. I don't see the start date mentioned on the site or in a Google search, but I did see one mention on the "pre-season" beginning in June. I believe last year the preseason lasted for 1 month, so I'm guessing July, but it might be August again, so watch that blog page every so often for whatever they feed you on it.
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    Yes, it's not just for beginners - it's for people who want to learn the newest techniques. It's because of the Challenge (two years ago) that I understand twitter.
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      June is pre season then it starts for real in August
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        Originally Posted by BRETTBrtsk View Post

        June is pre season then it starts for real in August
        There's a pre-pre-season video out now on youtube that I just watched giving a little intro. If you're new, you'll get an immediate glimpse at Dale's sense of humor. You'll see what I mean.
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    Preseason for 2009 begins in June this year. It will last until August 1st, when the actual challenge will then start.

    If you can't start right then or if your schedule won't allow it, that's fine. You can start anytime and proceed at your own pace. The training material and videos will be available to you on the website.

    I'm a big fan of the 30DC. It taught me a lot about marketing. But it will only be worth as much as you put into it. Do nothing, get nothing. Do something, get something.

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    30 day challenge teached me the basics for online marketing, it's a really good start for beginners.
    Anyway I'm doing it this year also...ยจ:-)

    The 7 Only Books You Need To Make Money Online For Free!! HERE

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      Hi To you all
      im trying to form a team in the thirty day challenge hopefully a uk team to make it easier but if you want to join in i have no problem dosnt really matter where your from.
      So if you are in the challenge this year and want to form a team let me know at the thirty day challenge forum
      Thirty Day Challenge
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    Perfect for beginners but they also offer some cutting edge stuff for more seasoned marketers.

    Ed does go on a bit though!
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    Ed does go on a bit though!

    Yes, he does and then many of the documents (for those who prefer reading like myself) just say "watch the videos".

    At the same time, it's incredibly kind of Ed to put together the Thirty Day Challenge. I've gotten a lot out of the 30DC and am deeply appreciative of Ed and friends putting this together.
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      Yes Ed does go on a bit but in a funny way and i think its great that so much time is put into it.
      I love the idea of being in a team and it can only be of a benefit to people who want to learn new things.
      Im starting to build my team and cant wait for pre season learning

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    For those who haven't heard of this before - forget the word 'challenge' and replace it with 'marketing education' - that's what this is.

    Ed is a good guy and puts a lot of effort into this event.

    Obviously he has his reasons and get some benefits from this - but if you were looking for a good place to get 30 days worth of solid IM education for free - you could do a lot worse than follow this event and take notes of what Ed says.


    nothing to see here.

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    I did that challenge last year - if you're an absolute newbie then it's definitely worth doing, and completely free.

    I'm not sure there's much there for experienced marketers, but I'll probably check it out anyway this year to make sure I don't miss a trick!
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    With all this talk about the 30daychallenge I might check it out this year as well ... who knows, there can always be some thing that you're not aware of, even if you consider yourself relatively capable of marketing.
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    I recommend anyone/everyone take a look.

    As some have said - it's not just about whether they're going to tell you anything you don't know (but it's likely), but also they structure the information in a very logical way and it's focused on creating something that earns money. Even if you only earn a little - you've been shown a solid structure for doing it again and again.

    Ed is a good guy, one of the few people I have no problem telling people to listen to.

    Whatever your level or knowledge - you're not going to go wrong listening to their information and since it's free, there's only really your time as the cost and you may get an insight that changes everything you do.


    nothing to see here.

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      Your question was "who's going to do TDC this year".

      I am for sure going to do it. I learned a ton from it last year.

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        The only question I have is if they are going to unveil an amazing piece of software for the challengers this year.

        If I remember right, Market Samurai was released last year along with the 30 DC?

        What a great tool!
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    I plan to do it. I'm looking forward to preseason, which should only be a few days away!
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      What is the precise goal here? In other words, what exactly am I trying to achieve by the 30th day that will separate me from the crowd?
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    the goal is to earn through there methods before the month is over.

    Take care,

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    The original goal was for beginners to make their first $1 online. This year Ed has said he wants to concentrate more on selecting a niche you're truly passionate about in some way and working towards becoming a "market leader" in that niche.

    Ed and his team always unveil some cool new technology, most of it free (and all of it free during the challenge period). Last year, I ended up really loving Market Samurai but never really getting into Wordpress Direct. After the 30 days, you could buy both products for huge discounts (I think MS was like $69 then).

    Ed's a really hard guy not to like and a master at building anticipation and maintaining the interest of his audience - you can learn as much from watching him at work as from the actual content of the challenge. For me, the bottom line is it's free, it's fun, and Ed pushes the "free line" clear off a cliff - you'll learn more during the course of the videos provided within the challenge than from 90% of the products you buy.

    Oh, and as for the blog I built during last year's challenge, it hasn't yet made any money, but that's due to total neglect (and the fact that I left a lame affiliate product as its only source of potential income). But when I checked the traffic recently, it's up to 1000 uniques a month, and I haven't touched it or done any SEO since the challenge ended. So I put the site on my to-do list, since it's in a very commercial niche. All in all, not bad for a few hours of my time last August.
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