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Disclaimer : I just finished helping a fellow Warrior on here that was struggling with getting negative reviews on his product, and I wanted to make a thread for everyone on here who sell products on Amazon so that it can easily be found and hopefully help out many more on here. Let's begin!

If you're an Amazon seller, you're probably frustrated that Amazon doesn't make it easy for you to get fake negative reviews removed from their product pages, when it's clearly visible that they are competitors buying products, refunding the same day, and leaving a glorious negative review about the product, how it didn't work for them, and THEN go on to promote someone else's product in their review.

Rather than fight fire with fire... I've taken a more subtle approach. I recommend turning your head away from the negative reviews and focus on getting MORE positive reviews.

Step 1
Put an insert in your product packaging with a phone number for the customer to call and get a free product from you.
This is worth it in the long run. Trust me.

Step 2
Setup a phone number with Grasshopper to sound ultra-professional and have a messaging extension system, with the first extension being for the customer to get a free product.
You don't have to answer these calls. Let them leave a message.

Step 3
Hire a sweet southern girl (let's call her Jane) to simply call all of the people that have taken the time to leave a message on your Grasshopper system.
If they took the time to leave a message, they're perfect for this method

Step 4
Simply have Jane customer that you're calling them back to give them a free product that they requested. And AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CALL be sure to have her ask the customer about how their (buying experience) was with ordering their product on Amazon.
This is a crucial step

Step 5
Since the customer is ordering on Amazon, of COURSE their buying experience was fantastic. Especially if you're doing FBA, then you know they're getting their product shipped and packaged to them faster and better than anywhere else on the planet. So be sure to have Jane to let them say how happy they are.
You'll use this to your advantage at the end of the call

Step 6
After the customer rant and raved about the buying experience, have Jane give a coupon code for 100% off their next product that they can use immediately, and tell them that you made it especially (FOR THEM) so they feel warm and fuzzy.
You can use the same coupon code for each customer

Step 7
Now that you did something good for the customer, with giving them a free product, and listening to them tell you how great their buying experience was... it's time for Jane to ask the happy customer if they could please leave a review for your product when they head back over to Amazon to get another one for free.
This is the art of reciprocation at it's best. Thank you Robert Cialdini!

Step 8
Before Jane hangs up, make sure she explains to the customer about how the competition is fierce on Amazon and you're being bombarded by false reviews, and their positive review (about the buying experience) will help you out more than they can imagine.
Sit back and watch the 5 star reviews pile up!

When you get this system setup and automated, a few things will magically happen:

Sales Velocity
It doesn't matter to Amazon if you sell 100 units a day at full price, or if you sell 100 units a day with a 100% off coupon code. Either way, your sales velocity will increase on your product, from all the 100% off purchases, boosting your product listing on the marketplace.

Unlimited 5 Star Reviews
Finally, you'll never have to worry about all the low life shady competitors on Amazon. With this system, your positive reviews will skyrocket, making the negative reviews irrelevant. And if you have "Jane" calling customers everyday, you're "recent reviews" column on your product page will be FULL of glowing 5 star positive reviews.

Qualified Customer List
Since Amazon doesn't like you contacting your customers to promote specials, discounts and deals to them on their interface, you can take it a step further on the phone with your customer and even give them a URL to go to and signup to get on the (private customer list) to get notified about free new products you release. When you do this, you then have a customer list that you can contact and give a coupon code to get new products you launch for free.... which, of course, we now know with the sales velocity trick, you can ROCKET any new product you release... to the top of the marketplace... WITH positive reviews!

IF you try to do this (without) the phone approach, the results will not be the same. When you have "Jane" call your customers on the phone, it's a personal touch that is magical. Also, if you attempt to export your customer data on Amazon and call your customers without their consent, you may get a lot of pissed off people. So do the package insert, and let THEM come to YOU.

If you have a product on Amazon, follow these steps and you'll finally be able to get unlimited 5 star reviews, destroy competition, rocket to the top of the marketplace and never have to worry about negative reviews again.

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    " Put an insert in your product packaging with a phone number for the customer to call and get a free product from you."

    is this violating amazon's seller terms ?
    why not directly insert a slip with URL so customer can enter email and info, then email them with a coupon code ?

    but this way is also violating amazon's terms
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  • Profile picture of the author x3xsolxdierx3x
    "I just finished helping a fellow Warrior on here that was struggling with getting negative reviews on his product...."

    But...what if his product deserved the negative reviews?

    Sure, exceptional products can be the occasional target of negative review or 2 or 3....but, if a product is good, it will attract positive reviews.

    How about just creating a product that is worthy of positive reviews?

    Doesn't seem like rocket science to me....
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