What are The Best Membership Site Models?

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Hello warriors ...i have been an affiliate for a very long time and i know my way to making money online and build successful internet business....now i would like to start my own membership site to teach people how to build their own successful online businesses...so , i am currently working on the Epic Content to provide on the site itself....

My Question here : what is the best model of membership to follow in the IM MMO niche ?

all suggestions are appreciated ....
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    Originally Posted by oliver mayfair View Post

    My Question here : what is the best model of membership to follow in the IM MMO niche ?
    That really depends on the way you are going to teach your subscribers and interact with them.

    A Modular Course membership model would be great if you decide to provide membership content at a regular basis (typically weekly or monthly). In this module complete training course is divided into smaller modules and then they will be delivered to the members depending on the time of their subscription.

    Coaching Site would be perfect if you decide to provide LIVE coaching or consulting. This model will provide great options for video interaction classes, webinars, etc.. Besides you can also create podcasting web sites for particular members using this type of membership.

    Community Module is also an option to consider. Say, you can be a community manager who would answer the community members tricky questions, set up interesting discussions on the latest industry news, etc.
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    Multi-Level is the best. And what I mean by that is, you should have a low end membership site and at least one upgrade option. Low end pricing could be any where from $5 - $29 with the upgrade being a few hundred if it's good quality coaching or 'done for you' services.
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    What I use for my membership sites is the following:

    Free content where people can see around half of the guide. To see the rest they must sign up. This gives you a lot more list subscribers then simply displaying a opt in form, but it also gives you content for search engines to rank.

    I also offer a paid product. So either a expensive course or info product, or a cheaper monthly subscription to get access to extra guides (so 50% more guides or articles for example, depending on the niche).

    Both work very well together, so give it a try.

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    In my opinion, what matters most is lifetime customer value. If you can get a handle on that sometimes slippery number, then you have all the information you need to successfully grow your business. If you know, for instance, that a member is worth $140 dollars to you, then you can set a reasonable profit margin, and then calculate exactly what you should be paying for your front-end advertising. I've written a report on this topic, and how I've built several seven figure businesses using this exact strategy. Just search Google for "MemberMouse Success Guide." I hope that helps, and good luck with your membership site.
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      It is best to look at what your competition is doing. Jump on Google. Find membership sites that are of interest to you. Register. If necessary, spend a few bucks. You'll get the idea. Then go and use some of it on your page.

      Go. Do not wait until everything is ready. Because it will never be. There is always something to be added, to improve the ...
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  • I think you have been given some very good advice as to what to offer especially from Webme, Victor Edson and Shaun Tango, so I won't add any more there. However what I would add to the pot is whether you have an ongoing or limited time membership.

    It may seem obvious the the ongoing membership must be the best, however you need to take into consideration the amount of time and effort to add to it each month and also the average time someone will remain a member. If someone can't see the end of something they may cancel their membership sooner rather than later (this obviously also depends heavily on value of the material I realize). If you provide a 12 month mentoring membership, people know what they are committed to and they can see an end point, which means they will often want to reach the end.

    I would personally always go for the limited membership, but that's just me
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  • Selling some kind of online service like automation. Aweber for instance.

    How many online services are out there selling all kinds of automated tools? Some of them are extremely lucrative. Then again, money isn't everything and community is nice to build on.

    Just something to think about.

    "Smile, if you're still breathing... it's a good day!" :)

    "Stop Being The Same in A World of Sameness"
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    The model I've used is to tie in coaching, resources and rights (PLR/MRR) all in one place. People have the tools and resources to learn, create their own business and sell on individual packages. You get recurring income and clients who hopefully will stick with you for years.
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