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I'm curious to know what other forums people visit to get their business questions answered - outside of the IM world!

What business forum(s) do you use, or find worthwhile?


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    Outside of IM, I've found this to be the best business forum:

    StartupNation Forum

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      Originally Posted by Michael Franklin View Post

      Outside of IM, I've found this to be the best business forum:

      StartupNation Forum
      I read their weekly blog posts and have taken a look at their forum. I love their blog and their forum definitely has some useful info in it - it's just not as active as I'd like.
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      Then they would not be a secret, Would they?

      Since joining the Warrior Forum, I have seen it get constantly flooded with junk posts in order for the poster to advertise their signature.

      Now, I go to other forums and some of these do not have that problem and I have no intention of opening that floodgate here by posting the names.


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    American Express' OPEN Forum allows you to ask all kinds of business questions -- from marketing, to leadership issues, to customer service, etc. And, the people who answer you automatically have their name/pic/title next to their response, so that you know a little bit about them before you decide to take/not take their advice

    A couple of the people who work there gather up a bunch of unanswered questions every week and send them out to their chosen advisors, so the odds of you *not* getting help on there are pretty slim.
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      I have joined this because it seems to be very good forum and believe to find valuable information here.
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    This forum is the best business forum lol or you could try Digital Point
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    I second American Express OPEN forum.

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    The Fastlane Forum A variety of entrepreneurs. Focus on taking action and accountability.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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