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What's the best and fastest way to create great landing pages and sales funnels?
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    This thread is a good resource:

    Landing Pages: What qualities are shared by most successful startup home pages? - Quora

    Focus on simplicity, that is my style. Some people find success with long pages that are meant to quickly grab attention and lead the visitor down the page using adcopy that is meant to inform, show value and entice to scroll down further.

    The simple school of landing pages tries to miniaturize the message of the offer/product and its value into the simplest possible eye catching header and short text or list. This is accompanied by a featured/central image supporting the adcopy in some way along with a "call to action" or form after, somewhere above the fold.
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    Hi Dave, i just sent you a PM. I'll set you up with the landing page service i use for free for a few months if you'd like.
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      Originally Posted by jschoy View Post

      Hi Dave, i just sent you a PM. I'll set you up with the landing page service i use for free for a few months if you'd like.
      Hi, I'd be interested too.

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    Something really great cannot happen overnight.

    It takes time. In fact, creating good landing pages involves some rigorous testings. Are you familiar with split testing? It allows you test versions of your page to see which ones would perform well.

    You can check these tools if you want to check it:

    That is what marketers do. That takes a lot of work. But, that is one of the best ways to to create good landing pages.
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      I use unbounce.com for landing page creation. It lets you create landing pages and do A/B testing like bradstern mentions.

      You have to pay for it. IMHO, a good landing page that helps in conversion is well worth it.
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    you go to the "war room" section where you can get squeeze page templates for free...
    you can set it up in couple hour - even less if you already know what you what to offer :>

    Warm regards,
    hendy AUgust
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    I guess when you say "fast" you can't also be "great", concerning landing pages. Don't create landing pages for the sake of having a bigger website structure.

    I've been there and after 2 years of building a large website and investing a lot of money, I realized that quantity is not the thing for search engines. In order to create a good landing page, that converts, you have to take some steps. I found a good article which summarizes these steps - 7 Quick & Easy On-Page Optimization Tips - Advanced Web Ranking Blog.

    Hope it helps!
    Good luck
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    It's a common question here. Do a little search and you'll find several threads with suggestions.
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    Wordstream has a good landing page creation tool. As far as a sales funnel, offer good content on site and blog, and continually help and sell in your email newsletter.
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    with optimize press you can create landing pages and sales pages , membership pages
    leadpages also you can create landing pages very easily

    Good luck
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    It depends on the look and the experience you have with graphic design and coding. If you're like the average Joe and want a clean, professional looking landing page you have a few options, WordPress plugins, templates and/or themes (both WordPress and HTML), you can learn to code (if you don't already know how) or hire someone.

    Personally, I enjoy getting messy and coding it all myself so that I can customize the look of everything but everything is about personal preference.
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    My Method is to create a one template and then you modify this template every work you want to do in the future this template like a base
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    Nothing great happens over night. You have to work for it...
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      The fastest way? Have someone else do it for you.

      The best way, do it for yourself.

      There are a lot of software programs out there that can help you out. Marketo is one of them, they are the best around and have a reputation as being the easiest to use.
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    There is a really great CMS out there for it.. does all the form management and building point and click then you can build it out using a simple editor online or drop html code in for a fully custom look. Tracks leads, stats, optins, etc.. if that is what your looking for I will look up the website for ya.

    If you like my posts please leave a thanks and message me if you wish for me to follow up with your thread. I enjoy engaging with entrepreneurs and ALWAYS willing to take the time to offer solid answers that you can take to the bank. Internet marketing has made me rich over the last +20 years and this is how I give back to the community for all of those evil popunders I used to sling in the 90s.

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    If you want to build a fast landing page try wordpress, you can find good themes for that.
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    WP with optimize press works pretty well.
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    Can you write good copy? Otherwise building a landing page fast won't help.
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    BTW, you should focus on high conversions instead of building it fast.
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    I used to use Unbounce but have moved onto Clickthroo which is so much better because it has a full tracking system, and load more functionality.

    I am now able to create a bunch of landing pages in minutes, and track everything.

    Just need to choose the right campaigns to run now
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      I am using Power Lead System for it. It has a lot of functionality. I can easily set up the pages i want. Thumbs Up for PLS
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    Photoshop and aweber do it for me !
    There is some good videos on youtube showing you how to go about doing it !
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