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by Raasta
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My site: has been recently completed about 1 month back). I have been checking my traffic stats via google analytics which is showing new unique visitors from the Unites States (current target market) slowly increasing. I have started using Google Adwords (paid traffic) on a small budget too. Onpage SEO has been fully completed and some minor offpage SEO link building done.

The problem I am facing is that I am not getting any sales and I believe it may due to poor or inappropriate ecommerce design (on home page and product pages), lot of content on product pages and lack of conversion techniques (sales funnel, etc).

I kindly ask experienced Internet Marketers and Ecommerce owners to provide some suggestions as to how I can overcome this problem or any other issues they see.

Any tips are appreciated!
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    This is an excellent looking website. Very professional, bright, organized. I think a few reviews of the supplements you're selling would give buyers a little bit of insight before they spend their money. How are you driving traffic? What are your social media campaigns like? Supplements are a massive niche, so decide how you're going to target people in this niche on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Maybe post your links on bodybuilding/crossfit facebook like pages. Interact with twitter users that follow personalities like jillian michaels, phil heath, trish warren, etc.
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      Hi jwmann2,
      Thanks for your compliments and the words of advice.

      With regard to the "I think a few reviews of the supplements you're selling would give buyers a little bit of insight before they spend their money" - I am intending to revitalise the product page to make it much more interesting, laying out bullet points for key benefits of the product, video, etc.

      I am currently driving traffic via Google Adwords, facebook shares and article marketing. I will take on board your advice to target people in this niche on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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    try advertise on facebook ads, they have laser targeted visitor
    i have 2 campaign on adwords and fb ads (same product)
    turned out fb ads convert better on sales
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      Hi Saladflorida,

      Thanks for your advice. Will pursue facebook ads soon.
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    Your domain name is clear. I instantly get what it's all about.

    The home page content does look like a knowledge site. This can be good and bad. I like the colors and the layout. However, I do not know where to go first.

    Change your headline for "Get your free ebook", unless a ton of people are signing up for it. Why should I? What's it about? What am I going to be able to DO once I've read it? Put that in your headline.

    I went to Antioxidant Supplements expecting (wrongly) for it to be a products page.

    Then I went to Our Store. Was surprised to see only 6 products--though I don't know how many I did expect to see...more though. Regardless, I didn't understand why I should buy any one of those antioxidants. Yes, you have some descriptions & benefits there, but they didn't stand out to me. I didn't even read them, the first scan through. This is my experience as a brand new visitor. You need to grab your visitors!

    At this point, if someone knows exactly what they want, and one of those six things is it, they'll look...and then it'll be about price. They'll compare with another store and if it's cheaper elsewhere, that's where they will buy it.

    What pages are being visited the most?
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      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your detailed comments. I agree with your view regarding the confusion of locating where to go to purchase products from the home page. Will change the headline to focus on the key benefit derived.

      I have only started off with 6 key products on the site as there are limited products in this niche. Further, I have envisaged offering product packs (pack of 2, 3, 4 or 6 etc) and introducing more products to fill up the site. Max may be about 15 or 20.

      The home page is being visited the most. Thanks for your help
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    That slide show takes a while to load too. I was looking for content to read and it took about 5 seconds to load up. Is there a way to speed up the loading it?
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      Hi meafim, I picked up on that too. Am investigating this at the moment
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    be patient and continue to work try get free traffic using social medial
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  • You can start an article marketing campaign to promote your products a bit outside your site, too.
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    The main thing you need to focus on is your OFFER - does people really want what you have?
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    If people don't want your product, you'll have a hard time selling it regardless of your traffic methods.
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    I suggest you to start on FB ads. Or, you can promote your website offline, such as sending flyers to targeted customers, you can send it to gyms. hope this help
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  • Profile picture of the author David Braybrooke
    "World's #1 Online Antioxidant Supplements Store"? Well if you aren't making sales, what hope is there for the rest of us huh?
    "The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell
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      The title I have kept below the logo is my aim in this niche and there is nothing wrong in displaying where you want to be in that niche. Intention is to make the site convert and there is current work going on to get there. I don't believe anyone should lose hope, rather persevere in being a leader in that niche. Cheers
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        First things first, your site does look nice.

        Some things I might change... I would offer a e-mail sign up vs an e-book offer. Much like does ( upper left column ) I would then in a "Thank You for joining" type e-mail have a link to the free e-book product.

        The reason I would suggest this, there is a difference between e-book and online store marketing. The principles are the same, the wording and methods are different. The e-book mentality is to get people on the list and sell what ever product is next on their list. You on the other hand have committed to a niche, and are there to educate and support your customers while offering new products. Again the principles are the same, but the mind set and delivery is different.

        One other thing I might look into... the color of your "View Product" buttons. Aesthetically very nice, Psychologically, maybe not the best choice. Sales and psychology go hand in hand. There is a reason most every fast food chains logos are Red and Yellow. There is a reason why most top 500 companies have blue dominant logos. Yellow is a reference to "Yield". Taking a quick look around the web, orange, red, or green seem to be the dominant colors. I personally use green. ( I noticed looking tonight most tech co's use green ). Puritan Pride uses orange.

        Everyone is going to say more more more traffic, however if your traffic is indeed solid defined adword traffic, you need to look at what on the site itself is not working. A site with a flaw regardless of 100 or 10000 visitors is still flawed.

        I wish you the best of luck and I hope that helps!
        Success is an ACT not an idea
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    before you go hacking away at the site, have you had a realistic number of visitors to expect a conversion?
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    I would offer a discount for buying 2 or more products. write about the discount or special offer (time limited) above the fold.
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    What about the conversion rate of the free ebook giveaway squeeze part? You can try make a popup to display the squeeze page.

    And you can add some followup messages to warm up subscribers and build relationship with them, then you can promote your products, this way can help you sell.
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