The Belcher Button (Photoshop PSD Download)...Increase Sales 35-320% with this "Buy" Button

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The Belcher Button was created by Perry Belcher.

All questions, rights and gratitude should flow there. Perry rocks!

You can learn more about the button here:
Belcher Button | Perry Belcher Top Cinverting But Button

Per Perry, "Split tests show close rates increased by 35 to 320%
over ANY other buy button I have ever used. Every element of the
button has been tested individually in over 10,000 closed transactions."

Unfortunately, there aren't any PSD files to download at his site. Without the PSD, it's hell for the common man to change the Price or Text. (Not everyone is using a cart...some people use memberships)

Today I created the button for personal use and thought I would share with the rest of you.
(The zipped PSD uses the text "Add To Cart"...not "Download Me".)

P.S. I posted on Perry's blog that I would be doing this. My comment was approved out of moderation, so I'm assuming he's cool with it. If it's not, shoot me an email and I'll remove the link asap.
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