Need 25 Reviews for Google AdSense Blogger Freelance Job Training Course

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I would like to offer 25 review copies of my new eBook. PM me if you have the time to go through the whole 121 page course and provide well thought out feedback.

If you give a positive review I would use it on the sales page with your Website link.

Here is the information about the course:

Product Name: Bona Fide Blogging Bucks

Description: Google AdSense Blogger Freelance Job Training Course

Audience: Complete beginners with limited technical skills looking to master the basics.

More Information:

- 121 page step by step visual guide in pdf. More of an online course than eBook.

- Provides extra large and clear screen shots with exact instructions for completing the 9 steps needed to make money with AdSense.

- Also outlines proven "best practice" tips along the way in order to maximize AdSense income.

Step 1: Create a Google Account
Step 2: Create a Blog
Step 3: Create Blog Posts
Step 4: Get Back-links
Step 5: Apply for Google AdSense
Step 6: Add AdSense to Blog
Step 7: Add Google Analytics
Step 8: Working the AdSense Job
Step 9: Getting Paid

It's a 90 M course so its zipped up - you'll need a good connection and a zip program.

Also, I am trying to decide on a price for this course so any suggestions would be appreciated.


Dan O'Connor
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    Hi Dan,

    PM sent. At this point, perhaps you can make a separate ebook for each of the steps to do away with large files. Some may not have a high internet speed to download a 90MB ebook. It would be attractive to sell this as a package with 9 ebooks for the price of $$$.

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    Great, I sent you the link. Thanks for the advice about separating this it into parts. That is exactly why I am putting this out to the community for free "trials".

    Plus, this is a course for complete beginners so I want to make this really, really easy and I would rather not use the zip format at all.

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    Hi Dan,

    You have done an excellent job in coming up with a highly informative ebook. I can say that this is just an AMAZING BOOK THAT EVERY NEWBIE SHOULD HAVE.

    The book contains VERY SIMPLE step-by-step process in setting up your FIRST BLOG, including adding your first few posts/contents, google adsense account, and google analytics and tracker; as well as HOW TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG.

    For those who are new to internet marketing, THIS IS JUST THE RIGHT BOOK FOR YOU. A comprehensive tutorial on how to achieve your first income in your internet business out from scratch.

    I have been blogging for quite some time and set-up various WP and Blogspot sites, I have only learned in your ebook how to set-up google analytics, and how backlink works to drive viewers to your site.

    No comprehensive reading because things are well explained in screenshots.

    The ebook is too large (90+MB) and I sometimes encounter delay loading the page in my old desktop PC(XP); although my new laptap (Vista) loads the page faster, but still slower compared to reading an ebook with lesser file. I understand this is because of too many high-quality screenshots. Perhaps you can compress your screenshots first using Microsoft picture manager before embedding them to your ebook in order to reduce the size.

    With regards to adding Google adsense in blogspot, I am wondering why you did not use the easiest way by simply adding a gadget at you blogspot right menu and simply add Google adsense. This avoids the hassle of going to your adsense account, copy the code, and paste the code somewhere along the HTML Edit Template.

    Over-all Rating: VERY EXCELLENT ++++

    I am lucky to have this ebook for FREE!!!
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    Put me on the list to read your ebook. I don't get what blogging is all about. I know it is important but I am clueless with the how it ist valueable to me or others. Don't know how to do it. I would greatly appreciate the chance to read it and if I understand it then you know you have reached the average non blogger.
    thanks for the opportunity!!
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    OOPS!! Just saw the date of your request. Hopefully you got your 25 but if you need input from someone that knows just about nothing on the topic but wants to learn let me know!!
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      Please provide me the link to read your book. I have already seen the review by other member on your book and it looks exciting and interesting. I am newbie in blogging and adsense but i believe after applying your knowledge i will learn and grow .The topics you have listed covers from beginner to expert level knowledge. Thanks for putting time and effort to provide 25 copies to the community. Please send me the link.
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